more kick-ass women movies

I’m happy to share that YTSL from Webs of Significance has put together another list of her favorite kick-ass women movies, which ties in fabulously with my ongoing project to collect, catalog and critique movies and other media featuring kick-ass women. This latest list expands upon YTSL’s previous offering (which consisted of Hong Kong movies), and has movies from Korea, Japan, Thailand, and mainland China, in addition to a few more Hong Kong offerings. I hope you’ll check it out!

As for me, I’ve been a bit delinquent in my progress with the kick-ass women project, with almost a month having passed since my own last list. I still have plans to move into the next phase of the project, including more detailed discussions of what it means to be kick-ass. Perhaps this will give me the needed kick to my own hind quarters…

4 thoughts on “more kick-ass women movies

  1. I just watched the first “Prime Suspect”, mostly because it stars Helen Mirren, who I think would kick ass even if she were playing a potted plant. Anyway, her character, Detective Jane Tennison kicked some serious ass, and even more so since she did it without playing second fiddle to a Male Detective in Leading Role type character. Can’t wait to watch the next 6 installments. Anyway, I don’t think I remember this one on your list of kick ass TV women, so I thought I’d bring it up!

  2. bs-
    Thanks for the lead. You’re right, “Prime Suspect” hasn’t been on one of my lists. Hadn’t heard of it. It sounds great, though. And almost as intriguing as the show where Helen Mirren plays a potted plant.

  3. Hi there —

    Agree with bs that “Prime Suspect”‘s Jane Tennyson is a formidable character who metaphorically, even if not physically, kicks ass. Alejna — I think you’ll enjoy it. And yeah, Helen Mirren rocks!!! :)

  4. Sorry to be the johnny-come-lately (or jane-come lately) on this but, I have to join the other two posters in urging you to watch the “Prime Suspect” series (I believe all 7 installments are now available on DVD).

    Basically, it is the British pre-cursor to “The Closer” – in fact, “The Closer” is basically a “Prime Suspect” rip-off with a Southern accent, IMO. Only Helen Mirren is a far greater actress (no offense to Kyra Sedgwick) and her character is far more complex.

    Check it out.

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