something beautiful

Phoebe took her first steps today. (Not counting a few inadvertent ones she’d taken over the past few weeks.) I caught a bit of her first toddling on camera. I’m happy to be able to share this beautiful Phoebe moment.

Phoebe’s a very good sleeper, and rarely wakes up in the night. But she woke up tonight a few hours after going to bed, just a little whle ago. I was actually glad. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to hold her, comfort her, cuddle with her. I needed some comforting, too. It was hard for me to tear myself away from her, to let her go back to sleep…

8 thoughts on “something beautiful

  1. Alejna —

    So, you *happened* to have a camera near you when Phoebe took her first steps? ;)

    More seriously, very cool that you managed to record these! :)

  2. NotSoSage-
    Yes, yay!

    Ah, not for her very first first steps. The steps that I managed to get on camera are among her first steps. (And the camera is pretty nearly always near by.)

  3. That is so great that you were able to film such an auspicious occasion! I love the grin that grows on her face as she gets to the camera. So proud of her little self. I always noticed my girls didn’t sleep well after a huge milestone. Just like us, they can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was.

  4. Alice-
    Yes, that grin is great. I keep watching the video just for that. And happily, Phoebe is a good sleeper. (At least for nights. Naps are another story. A very short story.)

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