just say no pants

I’m afraid that I’ve been letting my pants fall down. It’s been weeks since my last pants post. For shame. But an important pants event has come to my attention. According to some folks, May 4, 2007 is:

No Pants Day.

That’s this Friday.

No pants day is a holiday (not an official holiday, mind you) where people celebrate by not wearing pants. The holiday has an official website. Supporters have put together a public service announcement. There are promotional materials:


The truth is, I’m not sure I can support No Pants Day. Get behind it, as it were. While No Pants Day does support the saying of “pants,” if not the wearing of pants, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with all this anti-pants propaganda. I mean, just look at this logo:


I’m considering protesting No Pants Day with my own No No Pants Day materials:

Of course, there’s always the risk that others will protest my protest, which I’ll, of course, protest:

no_no_no_pants1.jpg no_no_no_no_pants.jpg no_no_no_no_no_pants.jpg

However, ultimately, I predict that pants will prevail. Power to the pants!

big win for pants

10 thoughts on “just say no pants

  1. Can I put that last one up on my blog?

    Wait that would be an contra-dis-anti-un-no-pants-day symbol, right? I’m all screwed up now.

    Unfortunately, I’m attending a conference on Friday or I might gladly have participated in No Pants Day from the comfort of my own home.

  2. i’m having my own no shirt day. but that’s nearly every day in warm weather when i’m home alone.



    but about the no pants… why do undies count as “not wearing pants”? i remember wearing boxers as shorts in 8th grade…

  3. As it happens, Friday is the day that I should take off if I want to save myself a seventh of the cost of my weekly transport pass (I’m so pathetically frugal).
    And, as it’s pretty chilly in Sydney (relative to our summers), I wouldn’t attempt no-pants-day unless I stayed in the house. So I just might celebrate it this year. Then again, when it comes time to venture outside, in the evening, pants are usually a necessity upon entering the occasional establishment.

    This reminds me of an example that my undergraduate logic professor once gave (I think it was partly intended to be a joke, but I don’t think it’s particularly funny, not even in a bone-dry, British version of humour):

    A young man ventured out one weekend, and wanted to patronise a particular establishment. This establishment had a sign that read “Young men may enter, only if they are wearing a tie”. This young man was not wearing a tie, so he walked to an apparel store and bought one. Then, upon entering said establishment, his path was hindered by security, who demanded that he enter not. “But,” he protested, “I am wearing a tie, and the sign said I may enter if I am wearing a tie”. The security guard maintained that the sign said “only if”, not simply “if”, and indicated a sign above it, that similarly read “Young men may enter, only if they are wearing pants”.


  4. NotSoSage-
    Anything you want to use on your blog is fine by me. But did you want the pro-pants symbol, or an anti pants-one? Or a anti pro-pants protest?

    I expect your freeboobies campaign would get some support. (Hmm. Support. Sounds kinda bralesque.)

    Yes, it’s true that pants are usually expected, assumed even, when entering many businesses. Lots of places in the US have signs that say “no shirts, no shoes, no service,” but I have yet to see the “no pants, no service” policy posted. (And I give your logic professor extra points for including a pants reference in his example. Though the story would have been better if it also included squid.)

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