this list goes up to 11

action_125x125.jpgToday has been declared Blog Action Day, an event in which bloggers around the world can participate in writing about a common cause on a common day. This is the inaugural year of the event, and the cause that has been chosen is to tackle issues relating to the environment. I feel strongly about the environment. It must be stopped! Down with the environment!

No, wait. I’m all for the environment. I was confused. I must have been thinking about uncomfortable shoes. Can’t stand ’em. Or overcooked pasta. Yick. That just shouldn’t even be legal.

Where was I? Oh, right. The environment. I should write about how we, as a society, can make progress in protecting the environment. But I’m afraid I don’t have time for that. I have a work deadline looming, and I shouldn’t be blogging at all. So I must be quick, quick. Like a bunny. In a threatened ecosystem. So I give you a list.

Here is list of things that I should be able to manage to improve my own impact on the environment, improve my knowledge of the issues, and to help generally support environmental causes. What’s more, I will set myself a timeline to accomplish these things. I plan to do these things by the end of the year. There are 11 full weeks of 2007 left, so 11 seemed like a good number to aim for.

11 planet-friendly resolutions for (the rest of) 2007

  1. cancel 10 catalogs or other junk mail items
  2. explore additional local food options, such as for dairy and eggs
  3. block drafts in windows in doors to reduce heat loss
  4. give holiday gifts that minimize shipping and packaging
  5. watch Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” (I’m sorry to say I haven’t yet seen it)
  6. write at least one letter (or email) to a company or politician about some action
  7. Change our electricity options to include use of renewable resources
  8. Give support to an environmental action group (whether with money or by way of petitions)
  9. line-dry 1 load of laundry a week
  10. reduce my usage of disposable products (I may try keeping a cloth handkerchief in my pocket instead of a tissue. At least if I leave it in my pocket when I wash my pants, it won’t dissolve and decorate the rest of the load.)
  11. Cook my pasta al dente. This will both fight the evils overcooked pasta and reduce the time I have my stove on. (Okay, you caught me. I ran out of time, and don’t have a good 11th item in mind. But if I manage all 10 of the above items, I think I can feel like I’ve made some personal progress.)

11 thoughts on “this list goes up to 11

  1. “For the senior dance, what if we made
    a big sign that says “Don’t Tread On Me”?”

    “You know? And a picture of the earth?”

    aaah. buffy. the movie.

    we’re putting storm windows up on 6 of our windows, as well as fully replacing two others to save on heating costs (and to protect the leaded glass windows from accidental outside breakage); these past two winters we’ve used plastic insulation to keep down drafts & heat loss, which works remarkably well.

    as far as presents go, everything now gets wrapped in brown paper (from the grocery store bags) – i’ve become quite creative in making the wrapping interesting, after checking out a few books on handmade bookbinding. i even went so far as to make a rigid paper box out of laminated paper bags, because i couldn’t find a box the size i needed. it’s amazing what you can do with paper bags…

    i’m with you on the laundry, as well. all our appliances date back to the mid-80s and are at the end of their life cycle; i’m excited about getting a front-loading washing machine. given the amount of laundry done around here (g goes through 2 full sets of clothes a day), it should have quite a reduction on the amount of water we use. which, of course, will be offset by watering the transplanted bushes and the like, if this drought continues… *sigh*

    good luck with all that!

  2. nice list. J cancelled all of those stupid godforsaken catalogs recently our way too.

    and the pasta one..nice. how about “wear the same pants twice”.

  3. awesome ideas. I’m going to join you in cancelling catalogues (I never buy anything from them, how did I get on those lists?) and watching Inconvient Truth (I, too, haven’t seen it!)

  4. Nice! I think I said this before when catalogs came up, but if you find how to cancel some of the more common catalogs, can you post the info? Or maybe you’ve done this and I’ve forgotten? With the holidays on the way, the catalog traffic is increasing, LL Bean being the most egregious offender, it seems. How are catalogs even cost effective these days? Don’t these companies know that the average American does most of their shopping online.. while at work?

  5. This is a good list. However, I must sheepishly admit I’m trying to get *more* catalogs. Mostly, just the IKEA catalogue (earth-friendly packaging and materials!), but I guess I’m in the worng zip code.

  6. jenny-
    Ah yes, buffy the movie. I should rewatch. And thanks for the link on the window insulation stuff. I tried the plastic stuff one year. Maybe we’ll do that again.
    We got a new washer and dryer a few months back, and they are supposedly more energy efficient. They are certainly more impressive looking.

    Yes, I usually do wear my pants twice, unless they have food spilled on them. (So wait, is that usually then? There’s a fair amount of food spillage…)

    Yes, let’s cancel them. It only takes a few minutes for each. Though I may look into investing in service.

    That’s what I realized, too. Our recycling bag fills up so quickly with stuff we never even look at. Better not to get it at all.

    To make Al proud. That’s a fine goal indeed.

    I’ll post what I learn, sure. One way, though, is just to call the orders number on each catalog. They usually ask for the customer number that is printed near your address. But there may be ways to consolidate.

    Thanks. Well, I can understand getting catalogs that you’ll actually use/read. I get loads that I don’t even open. And too bad I can’t just get my Ikea catalogs forwarded to you! (Sadly, we are now getting 2 copies, even. Which I find especially irritating.)

  7. These are great do-able resolutions. How to get off those catalog lists??? At least we don’t get the one called “Men’s Hats” anymore.

  8. KC-
    Yeah, they do seem do-able. I certainly hope to do them.

    “Men’s Hats.” Huh. What did they sell?

    I’ll post any updates on how to get of catalog lists, at least if I find appealing options beyond calling each company.

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