weaving out of control

overwhelmed and under pressure
buckling under, in over my head
fruitflies overtake an underripe banana

overeducated and underdressed
chronic overachiever feeling snowed under
underestimated tasks, schedule overloaded
commitments overlapping and under the gun
time to shave underarms when hell freezes over

overwrought and under attack
hot under the collar I overreact
overeasy eggs have undercooked yolks

overextended and underfunded
tree branches overhang, basement floor under water
the undergrowth is overgrown
overdue bills crackle under foot
in under the roof, squirrels overrun the attic

overprivileged and underproductive
an overstuffed sofa cushion under my butt
get over yourself and get underway
the monkey’s overboard and the undertow pulls

overtired and under the weather
overconfidence getting undermined
soft underbelly feels overexposed
overanxious thoughts swept under the carpet
laundry overflowing and no clean underwear

overwritten and underwhelming
an overzealous undertaking
overblown metaphors from under my hat
overcooked pasta with underseasoned sauce

18 thoughts on “weaving out of control

  1. I second Jenny.

    If there were some sort of group of women who were both doctoral candidates and Mothers, I would nominate this to be our mantra. You really summed it all up quite nicely.

    And on a personal note, if I lived nearby, I’d be on my way over to do your laundry.

  2. Been there. And I love this.
    I offer you a tag from Brownings’s ‘Sordello’….
    ‘ Thoughts may be
    Over-poetical for poetry.’
    Good Old Bartlett. It took me about a minute to find this.

  3. jenny-
    Well, thanks. It was cathartic to write, at least.

    I wonder if there is some sort of group of women who are both doctoral candidates and mothers…or at least students and parents. We could start one. (And thanks for the laundry semi-offer. If you ever come visit, I promise not to take you up on it. Well, maybe I won’t promise.)

    You too? Hopefully not about the squirrels, though. I wish I were kidding about that. We have serious roof repairs to contend with.

    Thanks! And it is true. Our undergrowth is overgrown. It’s got nasty thorns, even.

    You too? And what are you wearing? (I’m wearing unflattering men’s corduroy pants and frumpy fleece cardigan.)

    Is that your work work, or your own writing? Because your blog is far from underwhelming.

    Thanks, and thanks for the quotation. I love it.

    You think it could make a good t-shirt slogan?

    Are you overextended down under? (Are you considered “down under”?)

    “Must, must do something to balance both sides of that pairing.”
    Me too.

    Thanks, and I’m sorry (but not surprised).

    Thank you, and well, I’m sorry.

    Funny how that goes. The holidays are supposed to be about joy and peace, but they too often end up being about angst and stress. At least holiday cookies suit all of those needs.

  4. though my only child is a whippet puppy who feels the need to chew up my knick-knacks, add me to the cadre of the overeducated and generally underdressed.

    oh, and i HAVE had squirrels chew holes in the eaves under the roof and let themselves in to scamper amidst the attic (the dog was driven to a frenzy at the noise of invisible squirrels). which then later led to rats utilizing these same entrances the following season. lab animal vet or not, nobody is prepared to deal with enormous wild rodents running rampant in the kitchen!!

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