adjusting to the new normal

It’s strange to realize that it was less than 2 weeks ago that the fallout from the Covid-19 really hit my state. I’d been watching it like storm clouds in the distance, but the storm was already here before we saw it. Yesterday, our governor announced that Massachusetts schools would not resume until at least … Continue reading adjusting to the new normal

Death and Taxes

“…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” –Benjamin Franklin, 1726 April 15th is known in the US as tax day, the day when tax returns for individuals are due. It is a date that leads to much crankiness and frustration. The Boston Marathon is always held on the … Continue reading Death and Taxes

Phoebes, unicorns, and Phoebe’s unicorns

I may not have told you this, but Phoebe is a big fan of unicorns. I honestly can’t tell you when the obsession began. To the best of my knowledge, she has never actually met a unicorn.¹ However, like them she does. Photos of Phoebe’s drawing of pegasus-unicorns, Phoebe in her unicorn snow hat with … Continue reading Phoebes, unicorns, and Phoebe’s unicorns

Back to normal?

I hardly know what to say about the past week. It was a crazy week of craziness, the likes of which were not conducive to getting over jet-lag or recovering from food poisoning. Here are just some of the features of this week (not necessarily in chronological order): lab meeting patch-ironing violin lesson travel plans … Continue reading Back to normal?


The past few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of activity and productivity. Sunday night was an abstract deadline, and my research group got one in shortly before midnight. (It was nearly ready to submit the day before, but when finishing involves emails among 4 people, the process can be slow. Especially on weekends. Also, … Continue reading unwound