because I feel the need to rant…

I failed my first glucose test when I was pregnant with Phoebe. I hadn’t really known what the test was all about, and rushed to the doctor’s office after a half day of obligations in Boston. I hadn’t had time to eat since early morning, and ate my lunch (of a sandwich and grapes) in the car on arrival at the parking lot of the doctor’s office. This, I found out later, was a big mistake. I went and drank my syrup, and had my blood drawn, and the results came back that my blood sugar levels were “a bit” too high. This meant I had to go back later for a more drawn out series of tests, stuck in the doctor’s office over the course of a half day, after fasting for however long it was they had me fast. (I don’t remember.)

I tried to get them to retest me the quick way, after not having loaded up on extra sugar minutes before, but was told that it didn’t matter. They purposely didn’t tell people to avoid eating right before the test to “get a random sample.” Which makes no freakin’ kind of sense. What, they want a certain number of false positives so they have more tests?

I was really angry about this, too. I blame this as the source of my need to take an incomplete in the course I was taking. This all went down in the midst of the crunch to finish my final paper for the class, and I spent a lot of time looking for a new doctor (because I’d had other annoyances, too) when I needed to be writing a paper.

Anyhow, I’m at a new medical group now, and they actually told me to avoid eating a lot of carbohydrates for a few hours before the test, so as not to get an artificially high result.

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