feeling optimistic

You’ve probably heard the news. (I’ve heard it, and I basically live in a cave.) Hillary Clinton is in. As in announcing her candidacy. For president. I have to admit that I’ve had mixed feelings about her. I loved her during Bill Clinton’s administration. I was excited about her commitment to issues such as national healthcare. But then she’s seemed to move more and more into the center since those halcyon days. I was disappointed in her support of the the war in Iraq. I’d come to like her a lot less. And whenever I’ve heard people say that she’d be running for president, I’ve thought, “there’s just no way.” No way she’d run. And no way she could win. But now I’ve read a few things that make me think again. Like this article. And this one, from a couple of years ago. And suddenly, I’m feeling a tingling of optimism. That after these dark politcal years, we’re once again moving forward as a society. Not only can people imagine having a woman as president, they believe it can happen. Soon.

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