Picking up where I left off

I’ve been known to pick things up. I’ve also been known to drop things. Clearly I dropped things with this blog. But it’s never quite dropped out of my thoughts. I still go about my life, thinking I might like to pick it up again.

Given that I haven’t written here in almost a full year, and barely said much then, a lot has happened in my life. (And in the world, of course.) I don’t expect to be able to fill in all those blanks. I just missed having this space to express myself creatively. So I’ll just pick up again, and see where things ago.

Here are a few categories things I hope to share here:

  • Photos and tales from trips and wanderings
  • Thoughts about things I’m reading or watching
  • Photos of things that catch my eye. (Lately, this means leaves)
  • Lists of things that my mind wants to put together
  • Other creative projects that I produce
  • Other creative projects that I admire
  • Pictures of my dog

I’m hoping to dive back into blogging daily, at least for the month of November. (I still mark the occasion of NaBloPoMo–National Blog Posting Month, that is–at least in my head. Anyone else still do this) And after that–well, we’ll see how things fall from there.

3 thoughts on “Picking up where I left off

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! It’s not easy blogging every day, so good luck on keeping to that schedule, but it’s great that you’ve found your way back. Wishing you that this time will be the time that the habit sticks!

    1. Thank you! Interesting that you mention habits! I’ve been reading about habits. I’m also definitely trying to cultivate some habit for creativity and productivity.

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