A few Boston buildings, old and new

A picturesque old Fire Station near Longwood in Boston.
The nearly-finished new building at BU. I like the way it looks like the top is floating, what with the sky reflecting on the middle sections. Some have called this the Jenga building. Not sure yet what will be in there.
Inside another recent BU building, where we went to see the talk on pronouns. This installation is Blue-Green Brainbow, by artist Carson Fox.
Detail of the artwork above.
Copley Square by night, looking festive.

I just spent at least half an hour staring at photos, and being unable to decide what to post. Clearly I’m tired again. It was a good day, but long, and I’m still tired from yesterday. My mom and I took the train into Boston, largely so I could see a talk at BU. We went in a bit early, so we could get lunch and do a bit of wandering. (Actually, do a bit of hunting for art supplies.) Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a day with only a couple of virtual meetings. Hoping to get caught up on some work obligations. Tonight I’m looking forward to sleep.

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