leaving off where I picked up

It’s the end of November, and I managed to post here more or less daily. (I dropped the ball for 2 days when I was travelling, but didn’t let this dissuade me from continuing. That in itself feels like an accomplishment.) Characteristically, though, I didn’t manage to post a number of things I had in mind to post this month. Life has a way of sweeping me along with the current, without always leaving me the energy to put my thoughts into words. At least I usually take some photos to help me remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done. So it seemed fitting to end this month the way I started: with a photo of a leaf that caught my eye. (This photos was actually one I took back in October–there aren’t too many colorful leaves left on or off the trees.)

It took me longer than it should have to decide what to post. I had trouble picking a photo to go along with my rambling. I have lots and lots of photos that I’ve taken, many of which I like and want to post. But at this point, they aren’t well organized. For many years I was very systematic in my tagging and organizing in my digital photo library. I could easily bring up sets of photos that I’d tagged with keywords I knew I’d return to. And more importantly, I tagged when and where I’d posted a photo. But then there was a software calamity that resulted in all of my tags getting royally mucked. And I haven’t yet recovered from this trauma. I guess it’s time to pick up again and start liberally tagging my photos.

But flipping back through my photos was a lovely trip down memory lane. Including memories of some lovely trips, and some lovely lanes. Perhaps I’ll post some of them here. (Will I ever find a frequency of posting here that is somewhat intermediate between daily and virtually never?)

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