Happy New Year! As you may well already know, it’s Chinese New Year. It’s year 4705 (For some fun information and descriptions of traditional Chinese New Year’s traditions, check out these couple of cool posts on the topic by YTSL.)
Anyhow, this year is year of the pig. (Also called year of the boar. But I prefer pig.) And while I may not be able to manage much in the way of festivities for the day (I’m away from home and forgot to pack any festive red clothing), I offer this post as a small token of celebration. To welcome in the new Year of the Pig, I’ve put together a small list of some of my own favorite pigs. (These are a few of my favorite pigs…)

  1. Piggy. Nine Inch Nails. This song has these great opening words:

    hey pig
    yeah you
    hey pig piggy pig pig pig

  2. pigs.jpg

  3. Piggies. The Beatles. A classic song. “Have you seen the little piggies, living piggy lives”
  4. Small Pig, by Arnold Lobel. This was one of the first books I ever read. It’s about a little pig (a small pig, if you will), who liked to lounge around in a mud puddle. When he gets kicked out of his puddle and forcibly cleaned up, he runs off to find a new mud puddle.( Acceptable neatness standards be damned!)
  5. Charlotte’s Web. E.B. White. That Wilbur is “some pig.” This is one of my all-time favorite books of childhood. (I haven’t seen the recent movie, by the way, and not sure I can bear to.)charlotteweb.png
  6. Piglet. From the books by A. A. Milne. In the world of Winnie-the-Pooh, I identify most with Piglet. I’m a worrier. (Strangely enough, I couldn’t score a Piglet on the 100 Acre Personality Test. I got Pooh, and when I tried to adjust my answers to be what I thought was more Piglet-like, I got Owl, and then Kanga…)
  7. The Flying Pig sketches from The Kids in the Hall. Bruce McCulloch plays Flying Pig, a flying pig who appears on the scene to rescue people from boredom while they are standing in line. (By the way, I once bought a “flying pig” mug in the airport Cincinatti, Ohio, while waiting for a connecting flight. That city seems to have adapted the slogan “where pigs fly,” based on the “when pigs fly” idiom. And developed a lot of merchandising to go along with it. I bought the mug because of my affinity for the Kids in the Hall, and their flying pig. And my affinity for coffee mugs. And I suppose somewhat for my affinity for pigs.) Anyhow, back to the Kids in the Hall flying pig. I found some of the sketches on YouTube. Here’s one. Enjoy.

[update 4/28/09: the old video was taken down, so I replaced it.]

5 thoughts on “oink

  1. 1. “The small pig is more than sorry. He is angry.”

    I love that line, and the accompanying illustration. Other great moments from this literary classic:

    – the way the small pig’s ears fly back when he’s happy, as if his happiness has attracted a breeze

    – the unhappy snout sticking out of the bubble bath

    – the little chorus line the firemen form after they free the pig

    2. Charlotte’s Web was actually pretty good. Very sweet, with a minimum of the frenetic bouncing/chasing/crashing and bathroom humor you see in most movies for kids these days.

    3. I’m owl. “piglet” is a great word, though. It’s very satisfying to say, for some reason.

  2. bs-
    1. Those are indeed wonderful elements of this wonderful book. I’m glad to know you are also a fan.
    2. Okay. I guess I may give it a chance. But it’s not high on my list. (I have a huge “to watch” list…)
    3. Hi, Owl. And yes, “piglet” is a great word. Perhaps that’s part of the appeal for me. I also like saying derivative diminutives, like “kidlet.” My grandmother used to call my dog “doglet.”

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