17 thoughts on “my favorite joke

  1. that is one of my favorite jokes, too, but I always tell it with this one first:

    A guy walks into a bar. Ouch.

    (then… )
    Two guys walk into a bar. You think one of them would have seen it.


  2. Man walks into a petshop and says, “I’d like to buy a wasp please”. Shopkeeper says, “I’m sorry sir but we don’t sell wasps here” and the man replies, “but you’ve got one in your window!”

    I’ll get me coat . . .

  3. What’s purple and commutes?

    An Abelian grape.

    What’s purple, commutes, and is worshipped by a limited number of people?

    A finitely venerated Abelian grape.

  4. Penguin walks into a bar, says to the barman,
    “Have you seen my brother?”
    Barman says,
    “Dunno. What does he look like?”

    A women walked into a bar and said,
    “I’d like a double entendre.”
    So the barman gave her one.

  5. Didn’t mean to leave you hanging. I got distracted :)

    What’s big and green and if it falls out of a tree it’ll kill you?

    A pool table.

    The first time I heard it, I couldn’t stop laughing. Not sure why. I was 15 at the time, but still …

  6. mcewen-
    Glad you liked!

    You too?

    I love it! That’s fabulous.

    You did leave us hanging…And somehow, your followup got eaten by my spam filter. Happily though, I retrieved it from amongst the scary things. And was rewarded.

    A nice variation.

    It’s a nice turnout, isn’t it?

    No need to get your coat!

    Thanks for setting this in motion.

    Glad you liked, too!

    Absolutely. They are good to store up for a rainy (or tired) day.

    Think “walked into a wall”…

    I love it!

    Another fine classic. (And I should probably have credited you as the one who first told me my favorite joke ever…)

    Ha! More fine bar specimens!

    I am so glad you came back. It is a funny one.

    You’re so funny. I’m glad you walked me through your process.

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