giving a rat’s ass for Valentine’s Day


My suggestion in last week’s rat-themed post (well, my first of several rat-themed posts) that we might like to see a line of greeting cards that make use of the expression “give a rat’s ass” was well received. Therefore, John and I collaborated to bring you these fine greeting cards. (Concept and design by alejna, photo by John, modelling by Phoebe and an Ikea rat.) Feel free to share them with anyone you give a rat’s ass about.

For those of you who would like to express your fondness beyond the Valentine’s holiday season, we have the more general Rat’s Ass version for you:

28 thoughts on “giving a rat’s ass for Valentine’s Day

  1. lol. and the rats…I can’t decide if I’m grossed out by them or if they’re cute…but I’ll bet money that next time we’re at Ikea my boys will want one!!

  2. Little kids always intimidate me … happily a woman I met recently who has a 3-year-old told me she felt exactly the same! And then another friend with a 4-year-old told me – “damn straight, they’re intimidating as hell!” Though the latter said this held true for all 4-year-olds that didn’t happen to be hers.

    I’m also not one for babies – they all tend to look the same to me. But one friend of mine here actually has the most beautiful baby boy I’ve ever seen in my entire life – he totally takes my breath away.

    And I have to say that this latest photo of Phoebe also takes my breath away – it’s those eyes! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful girl!

    Just glad she’s not around to intimidate me…

  3. That is ABSOLUTELY the card I must have for my husband. LOL

    My P1 wanted a rat last October, but we never could find any “ratty” enough. I showed her your rats in your header and yeah, they are “too cute and fluffy.”


  4. Methinks February 15 will bring a great demand for “I don’t give a rat’s ass” cards.

    For, you know, girls who expected rings but didn’t get them. Husbands who expected ‘holiday favors’ but didn’t get them….

  5. Sorry for the double comment (now triple), but I hit “enter” after I typed “You so funny.” and it was submitted. There was nothing I could do.

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