Life of Pie

The Pi Pie Extraordinaire, aged 3 days, finally left this world after a brave struggle against consumption. The brave Blackberry-Apple Pie made it into Pie-hood against the odds. Conceived in late-evening silliness, assembled in the mayhem of a chaotic kitchen with the disadvantages of a severely cracked top crust and a shortage of frozen blackberries, the Pie still reached that coveted state of golden brownness, and emerged from the 400 degree oven only slightly marred. Born in the later hours of Pi Day, the Pi Pie proudly bore the mark of Pi. Those closest to the deceased knew the Pie as being a warm and tender individual beneath the crusty exterior, with a sweetness that was only accentuated by the tartness of the Berry heritage.

The Pie is survived by the Tokens household, several dirty plates and forks, and a disposable aluminum pie pan. “It is better to have loved Pie and lost Pie than to have never eaten Pie at all,” said Alejna, sadly brushing a tear from her eye and a crumb from the corner of her mouth.


This slice of silliness is being served to you as part of the current Monday Mission, which ordered up posts in the form of an obituary.

In other news, I’m pleased as pie to share that my caption won the most recent Teeny Manolo caption contest.

Winners receive the coveted TeenyManolo iAward Air, a virtual prize of stunning hypothetical magnificence and staggering imaginary prestige.

Go have a look and see my award-winning caption.

10 thoughts on “Life of Pie

  1. mad-
    Yes, it was a sweet but brief time that we had together.

    A fitting song for the services. (And yes, ponies have great power.)

    I’ll have to find a way to work more ponies into my writing, then.

    Is there a Cult of Pony? Or is it just called “toddlerhood”?

    Thank you for the lovely compliment! Maybe I’ll look into that as a career option.

    Spoken like a true friend of Pie.

    Glad you ate it up! And thanks for serving up the task and venue.

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