feeling the burn

Okay, I admit it. I’m feeling a tad burned out. What with the trip for the conference, the conference itself, the prep for the conference, the hard drive failure, and the various illnesses of the past couple of weeks, I feel like I’m due for a break. But sadly, I’ve got to get cranking on the next poster for the conference in Brazil, which is now (most startlingly) less than 3 weeks away.

And not that you wanted to know this, but I am now plagued by heartburn. I had this problem when I was pregnant before, especially as I got huge. I thought things might be better this time around, but either the timing was coincidental, or the stomach bug I got pushed me out of the comfort zone, and into the fire.

Hello zantac, my old friend,
I’ve come to look to you again,
Because the acids softly creeping,
Left my stomach while I was sleeping,
And the fire that was planted in my throat
Really blows
Giving the burn of reflux.

Anyhow, I owe a ThThTh list, but I’m not feeling sufficiently fired up to do a thorough job. But here are a burning bits to toast your marshmallows. (Please feel free to fuel the fire, too.)

  • Phoenix, a mythical bird who burns and is reborn out of the ashes
  • Quest for Fire, a 1981 movie base on a 1911 French novel. About prehistoric people. Who, um, want fire or something like that.
  • Out of the the frying pan and into the fire, an idiom meaning “leave a bad situation for a worse one.”
  • Firestarter. A 1984 movie starrying Drew Barrymore as a pyrokinetic kid. Based on a Stephen King novel.
  • The Human Torch, a comic book character. Who gets all fiery.
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion. I don’t really have anything to say here. Poof.
  • Flame war or flaming: “the hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users”
  • And here, how about a whole bunch of songs I like with a fiery theme.
      Burning down the house, Talking Heads
      Beds are Burning, Midnight Oil
      Fire on Babylon, Sinead O’Connor
      London’s Burning, The Clash
      Firestarter, Prodigy
      Light My Fire, The Doors
      Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash (also Social Distortion)
      Who by Fire, Leonard Cohen
      Dig for Fire, Pixies
      It’s a Fire, Portishead
      Into the Fire, Sarah MacLachlan
      Keeper of the Flame, Nina Simone

15 thoughts on “feeling the burn

  1. ack. i never had heartburn until i was pregnant (and come to think of it, haven’t had it since) i found that carbonation was a surefire trigger, so cut out soda post haste (maybe that’s what I need now to help me kick the habit again!) anyhow… sorry you’re having it now!

  2. Fighting fire with fire, or the best defence is the hysterical attack.

    Try squeezing some fresh lime juice into your water. The alkalinity will neutralise the acid in your oesophagus.

  3. Someone told me when I wrote about my terrible heartburn that seltzer helps. I feel your pain, as I spent last night chewing tums and washing them down with seltzer. One day when it isn’t so bad I’ll test out just the seltzer.

    I’m definitely going to try the lime juice thing though.

  4. Always you getting music stuck in my head.

    Travel: I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed by travel for work, I also feel guilty that I’m not sufficiently enjoying the experience. Awesome!

    Get some rest if you can …

  5. Sorry about the heartburn … but Brazil?! Cool beans!

    I’m thinking of Shawn Colvin’s “Set the Prairie on Fire,” and that song Etta James has, “Burn Down the Cornfield” … hmm … doesn’t Michelle Shocked have a setting-fire-to-a-field one, too? If I were a farmer, I’d put these ladies on my watchlist!

    Hope some of the remedies (and the Zantac) work.

  6. Ugh, heartburn. Blech. I had horrid heartburn when I was pregnant, and only three or four times since. Thankfully I still have some left-over Mylanta in the medicine cabinet. :)

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  7. painted-
    Hmm. Can’t blame carbonation in my case, as I rarely drink soda. But I will bear that in mind in case I get a hankering.

    Yes, tums has been my friend, too…

    Interestingly, I have had good luck eating citrus. I havent had lime, but grapefruit seems not to trigger. But perhpas I’ll get some limes. I like lime.

    I’m sorry you feel my pain, too. In that you are actually sharing my pain. It bites, no?

    I really owe Simon & Garfunkel an apology. But the song got stuck in my head.

    Ah rest. I guess that’s what I’ve gotten today. (And work is what I haven’t gotten done…) I will hopefully be able to enjoy myself lots in Brazil, too.

    Yeah, Leonard Cohen has written some amazing stuff.

    I don’t know those songs. Funny little thematic group, though. Farmers lookout, as you say!

    city girl-
    No, not IT. Just academia. Is there a lot of overlap then?

    Who knew pregnancy heartburn could be such a bonding experience? Glad it has largely left you alone since.

    Yes, the Tums and I have become reacquainted, too. I try to keep a bottle within arms reach at all times. (A bottle of Tums that is…) And rest is good. I wonder if the poster fairy will come while I sleep?

    A most excellent addition. That’s a cool song. And it has the word pants in it, as a great bonus.

  8. Oh, the heartburn. It was so terrible when I was pregnant…but I seem to have obtained some sort of adult onset GERD or something and have been experiencing it quite often myself.

    And one thing about Tums, although they do decrease the amount of acid in your stomach for about an hour, after that time it wears off and the acids pumps come back with a vengeance, so it might actually make you feel worse.

  9. Kyla-
    Sorry to hear that the heartburn still plagues you. Ugh. And thanks for the Tums advice. I did find that problem towards the end of my last pregnancy, which is why I eventually turned to Zantac. I was all about avoiding extra medications and dealing with the discomfort until I learned of the risk of permanent esophageal dammage from letting the heartburn go unchecked…

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