a chicken joke

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A: To get to the other Starbucks


This was a joke I made up a while back, inspired by a list of chicken jokes. I cracked myself up with it.

However, recent news that Starbucks is closing 5% of their stores (especially those “unprofitable stores …being cannibalized by nearby Starbucks locations”) may make my joke obsolete. (Though at BU, some students were recently protesting the new Starbucks location, which is basically across the street from not one, but 2 nearby Starbucks locations…)

And what will future generations think of this?

(From Best in Show.)

7 thoughts on “a chicken joke

  1. Ha ha! Your chicken joke cracked me up too.

    There is even a Starbucks here in Hobart. I try not to resent them too much, as there are plenty of choices for real, organic, fair-trade coffee in funky little independent cafes. Mmm. Might be time for a cuppa.

  2. Only 5%? Well, it’s a start. And the timing is good for quality coffee and real ethical trade (i.e. not “fair trade”) to start making a real difference.

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