sixth of one, a half dozen of the other

I’ve been tagged to do the 6th of the 6th photo meme. Twice, even. By kyla and Mary G. For this, we are supposed to post the 6th photo in our 6th photo folder, along with details. Of course, these instructions are somewhat open to interpretation. Painted Maypole went to her old computer in order to get something less recent. I considered doing this, too, seeing as it would be more interesting to dig up something old, but laziness prevailed. (Also the fact that my old computer is right next to Phoebe’s room, and is really loud for the startup.) Mimi used the 6th event from her iPhoto library. After exploring various interpretations, I’m picking the 6th photo from the 6th “album” in my iPhoto library.

This is Phoebe looking out the window at the airport at the start of our big trip to Europe in August of 2007. She was about 18 months old.

Phoebe at Logan Airport at about 18 months old.
Phoebe at Logan Airport at about 18 months old.

Kyla also tagged me for the random things meme, with the instructions to list 7 random things about myself or my kid. Seeing as I’ve already listed plenty of things about myself, I’ll go with listing things about Phoebe. The instructions said 7 things, but I’m going to stick with 6, just because it goes better with my post title.

6 random facts about Phoebe:

  1. She is not especially partial to pink, which many seem to believe not possible for a young girl. (She doesn’t yet seem to have favorite color, and has even shown some affinity for black.)
  2. She loves tofu.
  3. She likes to eat frozen vegetables. As in not thawed. Like little green bean popsicles.
  4. She is named after John’s maternal grandmother (first name) and my maternal grandmother (middle name).
  5. She is a night owl, like her parents. She will even sleep in, when given the opportunity.
  6. She loves to travel. She is not even 3 years old yet, and has already been on 5 major trips by air (3 times to California, once to Texas, and once to France and Germany), as well as many, many car trips down to New York.

10 thoughts on “sixth of one, a half dozen of the other

  1. That is a gorgeous pic and really illustrates the frequent flyer bit. You have to be an amazing mother; I still remember Little Stuff throwing up at the customs post in Heathrow and how hard it was to find a decent spot to clean her up.
    Thanks for playing — I forgot Kyla tagged you first.

  2. That’s a great photo.

    KayTar is a night owl, too, like Josh and I. We think BubTar is part alien, because he is an early-to-bed-early-to-rise guy.

  3. Lovely picture! Fizzy’s managed to avoid flying thus far, which is quite a feat given my former occupation. Coincidentally, she too is named for our two grandmothers (Bobby’s paternal grandmother’s middle name and my maternal grandmother’s first name). And the green bean popsicles are also popular at our house!

  4. She has recently told me, on several different and independent occasions, spontaneously and without prompting, that her favorite color is purple. She has also not yet contradicted that statement, which leads me to believe that she may, in fact, choose purple above other colors when asked to express a preference.

  5. I love that photo! And I also love the little snippets of kid personality these lists are revealing. Especially funny food preferences. Frozen beans? Lucky you!

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