April Just Posts


The April Just Posts roundtable is here, and Holly and I are pleased to serve up another round of posts on topics of social justice from around the blogosphere. Come join us ’round the table!

This month, I’d like to raise a glass to recent progress in the US towards marriage equality rights. In April, Iowa and Vermont joined Connecticut and Massachusetts in passing legislature allowing marriage rights to same-sex couples. Just a few days ago, Maine followed suit. There’s also news of progress in New Hampshire and New York.

While this doesn’t serve to wash away the bitterness of California’s Proposition 8, it shows that more and more people across the country are becoming more accepting of marriage equality.

Of course, there’s still lots of work to be done, with a vocal portion of the population speaking out “in defense of marriage” in its less inclusive definitions. In response, I offer up “Defenders of Marriage” by Roy Zimmerman:

Mr. Zimmerman scores bonus points for this line:

Let’s get the government out of our lives and into our pants

And now, the April Just Posts:

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8 thoughts on “April Just Posts

  1. Yay! Just posts. Boo for government in our pants.

    Canada’s most famous Prime Minister (Trudeau) is perhaps most famous for the line, “politics has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.”

    He then went on to have a very public and, at times, scandalous marriage–so there’s that, I guess.

  2. Ooh! thanks for posting the Roy Zimmerman song–I love that one. I first heard it at a concert of the Prince Myshkins, a duo you would probably really like. Think intellectual leftist surrealist Muppets who play hilarious and satirical experimental folk music on accordion and guitar with brilliant lyrics, except they are actually people and not Muppets.
    They have some MP3s posted on the site. Some of their songs are interesting from a linguistic point of view (e.g. “Don’t you love this planet”, whose lyrics are posted on the site, though the particularly interesting part was not transcribed…).
    You can also find a few videos of them by searching on YouTube.

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