The August Just Posts


Welcome to the latest edition of the Just Posts, featuring posts from the month of August on topics of social justice. Holly (of Cold Spaghetti) and I are pleased to share with you this phenomenal gathering of bloggers who are speaking out about causes that are important to them.

I’d also direct your attention to the blog Violence Unsilenced, a site “shedding light on the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault.” The inaugural post of the blog was included in our February Just Post round-up, but the site is still going strong. The site gives a space for individuals to share their own personal stories, and readers are encouraged to leave comments to show their support. Telling personal stories of this sort is extremely courageous, and each of these women (and occasionally men, too), deserve recognition and encouragement. The site provides an important outlet that is not only cathartic for those who share their stories, but can help those who are still grappling with, or (worse yet) living with, their own ordeals.

I confess that only visit the site periodically, but I do make efforts to return and to leave comments. I entreat you to do the same if you have it in you to do so.

Each month for the Just Posts, I have been highlighting a song that speaks to (or perhaps sings to) some of the issues that the roundtable highlights. My selection for this month is Tracy Chapman’s “Behind the Wall,” a chilling yet beautiful a cappella song that tells a story of domestic violence.

And without further ado, here is this month’s roundtable.

The August 2009 Just Posts:

This month’s posts were nominated by:

Thanks so much for reading! We really appreciate your support. And not just appreciate it. We need your support to keep the Just Posts going.

Please drop by Holly’s to see what she has to say this month.

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5 thoughts on “The August Just Posts

  1. I often read VU but I can rarely comment. The thoughts swirl around my head but the words can’t come out. Each time I read it though I am laid flat by the courage of those who write there.

    Great list of posts again, Alejna and Holly.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring VU! And I know those stories are hard to read, I know. If it helps, sometimes just saying “Thank you” is all they need to hear.

    Thanks for continuing this good work!

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