heart of scone

We’ve been going through another hectic stretch, mostly due to John working crazy hours again. My own hours have been pretty well filled by taking care of kiddos and work, plus not quite enough sleep. On Sunday, though, I got to sleep in a couple of extra hours. John was still up working when Phoebe and Theo woke up, so he wrangled them and got them a bite to eat while I slept until after 9. It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day present–even better than chocolate.¹ (Now if only I hadn’t been up till 3 trying to get a little quality time with my laptop…)

We haven’t really done much for Valentine’s Day in the past, as I am a cynical cold-hearted type who scorns all forms of romance and sentimentality, with an aversion to heart-shaped things and the color pink. However, having the wee ones around, with their spirits as yet untarnished by such cynicism has changed me a bit. In spite of its brittle candy exterior, my chocolaty heart has melted somewhat towards the heart-shaped rosy-colored trappings of Valentine’s Day. A festive heart-oriented activity was in order.

In keeping with my enthusiasm for baked goods, I thought making pink heart-shaped scones would fit the bill. We used the blueberry scone recipe, but used frozen raspberries instead of blueberries to get the scones festively pink. (They ended up more purple and red than pink, and we all agreed that we like the blueberry ones better, but they were still tasty enough for us to gobble them down in short order.)


¹Though John did also get me some chocolate.

11 thoughts on “heart of scone

  1. I love Phoebe helping — she looks so focused and determined!! What a fun thing to make, too, anytime of the year.

  2. Wow, yum. And I like the heart-shaped scone idea. It’s more original than cookies.

    All the photos are great, but that first one, with the Theo kind of silhouetted, Phoebe focused on the dough, and the snow outside, is especially gorgeous.

    Also, Phoebe’s new haircut is beyond cute! I mean, she was already extremely cute before, so I have run out of adjectives to describe the new level of cuteness she has now attained.

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