photos from an old cemetery on a misty morning

I stopped for a few minutes on my drive into work yesterday to take these photos.

12 thoughts on “photos from an old cemetery on a misty morning

  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous photos.
    A minor drawback of California is that our cemeteries are not as old and thus not as spooky. Plus, we don’t get that kind of foliage. On the other hand, Halloween is slightly less cold so that costumes don’t need to be quite as warm.

  2. Beautiful!

    When I did a study abroad in Russia and lived with a family, I showed them photos of a cemetery like this (I took photos of lots of weird, ordinary things before I left) and they were just amazed. They took me to a Russian cemetery. Russian cemeteries have little fences around the plots with benches inside, so family can be alone with family, as it were. I think that’s so very extremely interesting, because Americans love their privacy but Russians (I found) are communal.

  3. Lovely! I’m guessing Uxbridge? My friend and I went traipsing around there a few years ago in search of a couple of his ancestors’ graves. Never found them, if I remember right. I recall that there was a clear divide between Italian and Irish sides of the cemetery– did you notice that?

  4. These photos are really great and interesting, but I am also amazed that you were not in a big huge hurry in the morning on the way to work and you could stop! I am always in a hurry, sigh.

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