scenes from my day

My research group has a paper draft due today, so I’ve been pretty well tethered to my laptop since early this morning. I’m eager¹ to finish up with this deadline so that I can shift my focus back to a deadline for a project for my own research.

In other news, I wasn’t expecting to wake up to this scene this morning.

¹ Maybe eager is not quite how I’m feeling. Antsy? Anxious? Loopy? Maybe.

2 thoughts on “scenes from my day

  1. Wow! Snow already!? … Well, at least it’s pretty…?

    And that first picture is sort of how I felt at work last week. It definitely evokes your eagerness/antsiness/anxiety/loopiness to move on to a different project.

    On a bit of a tangent: loopy is one of my favorite words.

  2. We had snow today too. My yard now looks just like yours (if you put a fence where the woods start and replaced the woods with a house. Why IS it that my town insists on building houses so close together when plenty more than 50% of the county is forest? Seems like we could spread out a wee bit more. )

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