once (once) upon a time(piece)

11:11 on a digital clockIt’s 11/11 once more, and once again, I find myself wanting to mark the day with a bit of eleven-ness. A few years ago, I made an 11 list. (My list goes up to 11.¹¹) Last year, I got all creative with 11-related photos.

This year, it struck me (ouch!) that once is the word for eleven in Spanish. Which at once made me have associations with the English word once. (Once in a blue moon… once an X always an X…once bitten, twice shy.) Once that got started, it brought to mind the Once-ler, who was the one who did in all the truffula trees in The Lorax. Have I mentioned that we’re going to be having a bunch of big trees around our house taken down soon? I feel rather like the Once-ler. Except that I have no plans to make thneeds.

I also found myself wanting to take a picture of 11:11 again. This time I went all analog. (And now it’s time for me to get back to work.)

Once once on a timepiece.

¹¹ This joke never gets old for me.

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