my so-called doodles

Not the most productive day, but Phoebe and I spent some time drawing together, which I enjoyed. She had picked out a set of oil pastels for my birthday present, and I had yet to try them out. They turned out to work out quite well for the sort of doodley shapes I like to draw. (My previous doodles, which live here on my blog, were done in crayon.) This doodle is not yet done, but I don’t when I’m likely to finish it.

In somewhat related news, I’m amused (proud?) to see that my doodles are coming up in the world. When I google “doodle” (as opposed to “google doodle,” or opposed to doodling google), 2 of my posts come up on the first page. And one of my doodles is in the first 10 images on google images.

I must admit, though, that my use of the word doodle may not fully mesh with the standard doodle definition (and definitely not with the standard poodle definition). Cf. what can be seen on Wikipedia: “an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied.” (This, by the way, is the definition for doodle, not poodle. Just so we’re clear.) I supposed that in each of my alleged acts of doodling, my attention has somewhat been otherwise occupied by parenting, but I have very intentionally set out to draw. Does that make it a doodle in your book? No, no, I’m not saying I’m doodling in your book. I don’t even doodle in my books. But I did used to doodle in my notebooks. I was an avid doodler in many of my classes. My recent so-called doodles have their roots in the margins of many class notes, scribbled along with the occasional haiku. I suppose the reason that I tend to call them doodles, as opposed to drawings, is that I don’t generally have a plan. I start off with a blob of some sort, and keep going. I’m pretty much doing what I used to do when doodling in the margins of my notebooks, except that I have more space. And more colors to work with. (Because, let’s face it, it wouldn’t have been too subtle to sit in class with a big tray of crayons during a lecture on semantics.)

8 thoughts on “my so-called doodles

  1. You are so goofy! This was a joy to read.
    I really enjoy your doodles, whether or not they technically qualify as doodles. The oil pastels look nice–the colors in this doodle seem more vivid than the ones in crayon, I think.

  2. I like your doodles. I didn’t know that there was a strict definition of a doodle! I’ve never been a very good doodler– but feel that maybe as a NY’s resolution I’ll commit to doodling more often. With crayons, of course.

  3. That’s art, in my view. Lovely.
    I’ve been a classic doodler all my life – I was once thrown out of a third year English course because I had doodled silly pictures of the prof on my notes and he took to walking around the class and saw them. It’s funny now.

  4. I love to doodle in my notebooks! I usually end up with aliens and little stick figure sailors in tiny sailboats…but when I start drawing, I never have a plan either.

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