5 thoughts on “grains of sand

    1. Annette, these are different crops. I was using my telephoto, and really only got one photo of the sand. (Well, I was taking a picture of the shell.) I hadn’t realized how clearly the sand came out until looking at the picture later on my laptop. Otherwise I probably would have gone a little crazy and taken my usual dozen photos of the same subject!

  1. Alejna May I have your permission to reproduce the first sand picture on this blog for an educational book, ANTARCTIC ADVENTURES–Life Lessons from Polar Explorers, for middle and high school students? This is a self-published personal growth and development book and your marvelous pictures helps illustrate one of William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence:” “To see a world in a grain of sand. . .”

    We’re nearing publication as I write. Will obviously credit your wonderful blog.

    Many thanks and very best wishes.

    John Barell

    NY, NY

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