posing and perching

When I travel, I enjoy admiring public works of art, and have many pictures of statues in my photo library. I am also often amused at the way that pigeons will adorn the statuary, especially in parks. Here are a few photos from our 2017 visit to New York City of  a few statues at an entrance to Central Park.


I actually have accumulated a collection of photos over the years of statues with birds on their heads. But putting together a retrospective is beyond my capabilities for tonight.

3 thoughts on “posing and perching

  1. Happy return to blogging! I think blogging daily for a month to be a really ambitious project. Hope it doesn’t make you not to blog for a year or more after you’re done doing it!

    1. Hi, YTSL! Thanks for coming by and commenting! Yes, blogging daily is potentially ambitious, but I didn’t promise to post anything *substantial* every day. :) Somehow, I do well with small regular goals. Maybe if my blog and I make it through the month intact, I’ll try for a more moderate goal. Perhaps a post a week or so.

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