destination doodle

This was a doodle I made last year that was inspired by my trip to Poland. poland-doodle

Inspirations included stained glass, architectural details, food, and folk art. Can you find any of the elements?

Here are a few stages of the doodle.

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I’m sad to say that I have hardly doodled this year. (I did, however, manage a couple of big trips, so I have many more photos to share.)

One thought on “destination doodle

  1. You basically included the coloring stages but none of the sketching/inking. :P

    So, you are avid and able to afford many travels but not feeling the creative vibe. I wouldn’t mind taking a few trips, but I don’t feel like traveling alone. And, my drawing time has diminished horribly. Not that I don’t or can’t make the time; I just don’t feel like drawing anything. I feel like I need a mission or purpose to draw. I need to make someone’s portrait in their honor or take requests for something more important than “OoH! Can you draw me a giraffe?”

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