Hello, cruel world.

Here I am. I’ve decided to start a blog. Actually, this is my second blog. (My first has a somewhat limited scope…) But I’m generally quite new to the blog world.

Anyhow, I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting my own blog for a few months now. I’ve in part been inspired by my sister, who started a blog a few months ago. Around the time she started her blog, it came up that a friend of hers has a blog that was voted “one of the top 10 vegetable blogs on the web.” This piece of information made me ask, as well you might, “there are 10 vegetable blogs on the web??”

So I’ve lately come to realize that there are, to date, 594 gazillion and 46 blogs on the web. And I’m ready to sign up to be the 594 gazillion and 47th. I’m at the forefront of those trailing behind.

And here I am. Posting my first entry. Which currently will show up as my second entry. The first is the automatically generated one I got when I signed up at wordpress, which they called “Hello world!” I haven’t decided yet whether or not to delete it. So far, it’s generated quite a lot of hubbub. I have at least 6 comments, by a variety of interesting personages. Okay, by my husband. I know that I should delete that first entry. But I’m tempted to either leave it there for posterity, or at least take a screenshot of it to archive. Because I do have trouble throwing things away…

Day 1 comments

Day 1 comments

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