silver linings

If you’ve ever met my mother, you know that she is someone who is full of life and joy and possibility. She is, among other things, a fantastic artist, an adventurous traveler, a loyal friend, a loving mother/sister/grandmother/aunt, and a generally fun person to be around. She is charming, creative, passionate, entertaining and intelligent. She is also one of the most beautiful women I know.

In case it’s not clear, she means the world to me.

Tomorrow she’s going in for some pretty major surgery to remove some cancer that was found in her colon, as well as (to minimize the possibility of metastasis), a large section of the colon. The doctors believe that the cancer is most likely still in an early stage, and that this surgery will remove it completely. I am ever-so-thankful for the continuing advances of medical science, as well as for my mother’s access to excellent medical care. I know that she is in good hands, and there is every reason to believe that her quality of life will continue to be excellent, and even minimally impacted, after the surgery. Hopefully she will soon be back to her usual business of doing many (usually too many) different and exciting things.

As for me, I am glad that I am lucky enough to be able to go out to spend time with her during her recovery. I’m flying out Sunday, when she’s expected to be able to go home from the hospital, and will have a week out in California. (I am ever-so-thankful to John, who is willing and able to take on yet another week of single-parenting. He should be up for a father of the year award.) My main job will be to keep my mother from trying to jump back in too quickly to her busy life and varied commitments. I also get to have some very welcome bonus time with my sister, and my incredibly adorable nephews.

I am so glad that my mother is surrounded by friends and family who love her, whether from near or from afar. Knowing that she has the support of many has bolstered her already considerable optimism. If you would like, please join in and add your own positive thoughts. (I’m not sure she’ll have a chance to read them before the surgery, but I will happily pass them along.)

Update, 11/10/11, 2:37 EST: I just talked to my sister, and my mother is out of surgery. It sounds like things were very successful, and the cancer looked very small. Thanks so much for all your positive thoughts!

My mother in Sevilla, during our magical 2009 trip to Spain together.

24 thoughts on “silver linings

  1. Such a beautiful picture of your Mom! It is so great that you can be there to be with her during her recovery! I wish all of you the best for a smooth and speedy recovery!

  2. I remember seeing a photo you posted of your mom back when I first started reading you. I thought then, and still do now, how hip and cool she looks. As awesome as I find you, I know the apple does not fall far from the awesome apple tree. Positive healing vibes sent out to your mom.

  3. I will keep my fingers crossed for your great mom! She is indeed a fabulous woman, and so full of life that I am inclined to be optimistic too. Well done for trying to think positive thoughts. I wish her a quick and nearly painless recovery. I am sure that having both daughters around will aid in her healing process!

  4. Hi Alejna, can you let me know how it went at […] when the operation is over? If you have time? I’m thinking of you and her and feel a bit knotted up inside today. Julia

  5. You’ll be fine, Janet! And now you can join me as a member of the “semi-colons”. I’m very relieved to hear that the docs think they have caught this early – if you are stage one or two you probably won’t even need chemo and in a few weeks you’ll feel like your old self again. But the important thing is to take things very easy after the op and let your daughters pamper you. You are in such great shape that I am sure you will heal quickly.

    Am sending you all my best healing vibes and strong thoughts, along with a gentle “virtual” hug, and I’m sure Alejna will pass on a real hug from me when she sees you. Feel free to get in touch. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone who’s been there.

    Thanks for letting us know, Alejna. I think a “girl’s week in Sevilla” is due after all this is over with. xx

  6. Hi Alejna —

    Please convey my good wishes and regards to your mother. My own mother underwent major surgery too a couple of years back. She made it through okay though I remember feeling great anxiety upon hearing the news that she had to undergo major surgery. I trust that it will be the same for your mother and you.

    Oh, and you also have full permission to tell her I think her daughter’s great — and she obviously did a great job raising you. :)

  7. Hi Alejna,

    Thinking of you and your mother. We hope everything works out well, your mother is quite a wonderful person! Have a good trip.
    rob and alison

  8. I just foound this and am so glad to hear that your mother’s surgery went well. I hope you and she have a wonderful week while she is recovering and hope that you will pass on my best wishes for a speedy and complete healing. And that I love her art. A lot. As well as a terrific daughter.

  9. I am so happy your mom’s surgery went well. She is lucky to have a very attentive daughter helping her as she recovers. Actually, two attentive daughters! Have a good trip!

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