This is not about “ass”

As may be painfully obvious to me some day as I look back on these early posts, I am new to blogging. Today, I’ve learned an interesting lesson.

It turns out, Technorati has something to learn about compound words, and perhaps about metaphorical usage. You see, a compound does not necessarily equal the sum of its composite elements. Someone writing about, say, the Whitehouse is not talking about the color white and houses. We all know that.

I’ve recently been writing posts about women (real-life and fictional characters) in film, TV and other entertainment industries whom I have admired. I feel that these women “kick ass,” in the metaphorical sense. I have been terming such women “kick-ass women.” A compound with a hyphen. Much like “dog-ear.” An expression, which I’m sure you know, refers neither to dogs, nor to ears. To dog-ear a book is to fold down the corner of a page (or pages) of a book to mark your place. You see, it’s a compound term, as well as a metaphor. While there may be some visual resemblance to the floppy ears of a doggy, we’re not talking dogs, and we’re certainly not talking ears.

Anyhow, I just pinged Technorati last night, after discovering that my blog wasn’t getting hit by their search engine. And I have 3 new hits for the Technorati tag “ass.”

In a way, it kind of amuses me that folks looking for porn will stumble across my site. ‘Cause they’re not gonna find any here. Of course, now someone will probably find this post by searching for keywords “ass” and “porn.” I’m screwed. Oh right, let’s add “screwed” to the mix. Perhaps with all this talk of compounding, we’ll even get “pounding” thrown into the mix. Oh right, we will now. (Oh crap, I just realized I’ve also used the word “doggy.” Nooo!)

One thought on “This is not about “ass”

  1. Hi Alejna —

    Don’t know whether you’re checking comments for this particular entry these days. Hope you are. The thing is that I wanted to tell you that a recent blog search showed me that the content of both yours and my entries with “kick ass women” in their titles are getting stolen by other bloggers — and in particular, those who — let’s put it this way — maintain blogs that are of the X rated variety. :(

    Any idea as to how to prevent this from happening? Also, am leaning towards the idea that maybe the next time I write on the subject, I’m going to use the term “strong” in place of “kick ass” (and, also, that it might be worth while to go back and replace “kick ass” with “strong” in my earlier “10 kick ass women movies” entry)… :S

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