9 of my favorite kick-ass women movies

As I recently mentioned, I’m planning to catalog (review, rate, rank and otherwise write about) movies and TV shows that prominently feature kick-ass women. Since I love lists, I thought I’d start the process by giving some lists. Here’s a list of some of the lists I’m planning on writing:

  1. A to do list. (Always gotta have one of those. (And by the way, it’s not uncommon for me to have “write to do list” at the top of my to do list.) However, I will spare you that list at this point. Because that is not the point of this list.)
  2. A list of some of my favorite movies with kick-ass women.
  3. A similar list with some more of my favorites of the type mentioned in item 2. (I think I may have mentioned my trouble with commitment. I fear that if I have a single list of my all-time favorites I will be continually editing the list, and never get a list finished. So the lists will be smaller, and non-exhaustive.)
  4. A list of some favorite kick-ass women TV shows
  5. Some lists of other movies and TV shows that feature kick-ass women, but aren’t necessarily my favorites

The plan is to work my way through the lists and start rating these movies. Probably fairly gradually. Anyhow, below is the first list on the topic of kick-ass women. The following movies are listed in order of appearance (i.e. chronologically) and are not intended to reflect a ranking of my favorites. It’s hard for me to rank my favorites. Some movies are better than others overall, some of the women are more kick-ass, and some of the movies are just more fun. But here’s the list:

9 of Alejna’s favorite kick-ass women movies

  1. Supercop (1992)
    Michelle Yeoh steals the show from Jackie Chan.
  2. The Professional (1994)
    More of a kick-ass girl movie. At 12, Natalie Portman shows that you don’t have to be old enough to drive to kick some ass.
  3. Strange Days (1995)
    Angela Bassett saves the day (and Ralph Fienne’s undeserving ass).
  4. Tank Girl (1995)
    Lori Petty shows some serious attitude in a seriously fun movie.
  5. Fargo (1996)
    Frances McDormand is more about brains than brawn as a pregnant sheriff in this Cohen brothers masterpiece.
  6. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
    Another fun movie, with lots of action. Geena Davis plays an amnesiac spy/assassin. (Sound familiar, Matt Damon?)
  7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
    Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi (and more, even!) in a truly beautiful martial arts movie.
  8. Kill Bill, volume 1 (2003)
    For her role in this movie, I’m almost able to forgive Uma Thurman for her betrayal portrayal of Emma Peel in 1998.
  9. Serenity (2005)
    Gina Torres and Summer Glau kick ass in space. (Also in the show, but I’m not talking about TV right now.)

2 thoughts on “9 of my favorite kick-ass women movies

  1. ooh- The Professional.. good call. Natalie Portman was perfect in that movie. Fargo is an unusual but very appropriate choice. Frances McDormand’s character did kick ass in that movie, you betcha! And all while quite pregnant, which you probably appreciate even more nowadays.

    Silence of the Lambs, maybe? I mention that mostly because Gillian Anderson based her portrayal of Scully on Clarice. And since we’re talking movies, this is the only way I can bring up Scully, since much as I hated to admit it at the time, the XF movie wasn’t stellar. And Scully spends at least half of the movie in some sort of coma, from which she has to be rescued by Mulder. Boo Hiss.

  2. bs–

    Silence of the Lambs is definitely on my master list. (The one in my head, as well as the notes I’ve jotted down.) I think the only reason I didn’t have it on my first list is that I liked the idea of having a Hong Kong martial arts movie (what with the literal ass-kicking and all) at the top of my list, and chronologically Silence of the Lambs (1991) would come first.

    Sorry to hear about the disappointments of the X-Files movie. Doesn’t it bug you when writers feel the need to have a kick-ass woman in need of rescuing? Boo Hiss indeed.


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