5 5th things

Here’s a list of 5 things of the 5th persuasion. Want to know more than that? I take the fifth.

Five fifths

    5. Fifth Business, a novel by Canadian author Robertson Davies. Part of the Deptford Trilogy.

    5. The Fifth Dimension. An American band from the 60s known for songs such as “One Less Bell to Answer” and “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”. (Also amathematical abstraction.)

    5. a fifth interval. A musical abstraction. A difference between two notes in (Western) music theory. A perfect fifth is 7 semitones.

    5. The Fifth Element. A movie by director Luc Besson.

    5. The Fifth Elephant. A book by Terry Pratchett.

(Note: I was going to submit this as part of the //engtech 5 things contest, but noticed that I missed the deadline. I have trouble with deadlines. But what the hell, I’ll post away anyhow. I like lists, I like things, and 5 is as good a number as any. And way better a number than 4.)

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