The Call of the Pants

pants.pngBecause the world needs more things with pants, and because I promised to write more posts with pants, I bring you pants. Following the success of the great moments of pants cinema, and in the tradition of the legendary Star Wars pants list, I bring to you a list of literary pants classics.

Great Works of Classic Pants Literature.

  • All the King’s Pants, Robert Penn Warren
    A story of politics, pants, and politicians’ pants.
  • A Farewell to Pants, Ernest Hemingway
    Even pants don’t last forever.
  • The Return of the Pants, Thomas Hardy
    Laundry lost, laundry found.
  • The Pants and the Fury, William Faulkner
    A tale told by an idiot. Signifying pants.
  • A Tale of Two Pants, Charles Dickens
    They were worn, they were washed. It’s a short tale.
  • Around the World in Eighty Pants, Jules Verne
    About a man who did not know how to travel light.
  • Peter Pants, J. M. Barrie
    A whimsical, magical pants tale
  • The Canterbury Pants, Geoffrey Chaucer
    Tales of pilgrimages and pants.
  • The Pants of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas
    Justice. Vengence. Pants.
  • Little Pants, Louisa May Alcott
    The heartwarming saga of sisters and pants.
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Pants, L. Frank Baum
    A young girl and her companions embark on a quest for pants.
  • The Strange Pants of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson
    Two men share a pair of pants. It’s not pretty.
  • The Man in the Iron Pants, Alexandre Dumas
    That just can’t be comfortable.
  • Journey to the Center of the Pants, Jules Verne
    Discover the mysteries that lie deep within the pants.
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Pants, by Mark Twain
    This story may not be suitable for children under age 13.
  • 17 thoughts on “The Call of the Pants

    1. These crack me up. Reminds me a bit of a conversation thread on h2g2 where people changed the words ‘love’ or ‘heart’ in song titles to ‘knob’ (though I think your pants titles are much cleverer). I was surprised to see that it’s still going after five years – well, up to last July anyhow.

    2. Gaurav-
      Thanks! I’m glad I could share these pants with you.

      Nice pants.

      I hadn’t seen the knob bit before. But it’s pretty funny. Even without pants.

      panted maypole-
      I love the Walt pants. (And your pantsy pun.)

      Tolstoy sure could have written a lot of words about pants.

      I’m not familiar with those books, but perhaps I should be. Thanks for the pants tip.

      Sometimes I just run with the pants.

    3. How about?
      The curious incident of the pants in the nightime.

      Wuthering Pants

      The god of small pants

      The Satanic Pants

      ( that’s it for now. my brain can’t come up with clever enough plots yet. maybe later.)

    4. I’ve just found your blog, following a link from Azahar’s site and just nearly fell off my chair laughing at this pants post. Good thing I’m wearing loose pants, or they might have split!

    5. Oh and I should have added that this post is particularly funny if you’re British, because pants to us are not ‘trousers’ but the garment worn under trousers!

    6. erica lee-
      Lovely pants.

      Oh, it’s nice to hear that I made you laugh. At whichever type of pants you prefer. (And thanks so much from stopping in!)

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