a small laughing matter

Phoebe is making great strides in her walking skills. Also singing. And tickling. I have a few movies from earlier this week that I can’t help but share.

First, the tickling! Phoebe found a hole in John’s sock:

Second, Phoebe walks forward on cue, retracing her steps of 3 weeks earlier:

Third, my favorite. Phoebe starts off strong with singing (or possibly trying to communicate with dolphins), and showing off her stellar hand-eye coordination. But just look out for the dramatic finish.

(That last bit makes me laugh every time I watch it. As it did the first time I saw the little topple. John says that Phoebe will some day resent me for that little laugh of mine that can be heard at the end of the movie. Perhaps she will resent me, or perhaps she’ll realize that she could have a career in vaudeville.)

Anyhow, we’re down in NY once more for the weekend visiting the in-laws. The drive down was looooonnnnngggg. (So long that I am inspired to use additional non-standard orthographic elements to represent my exaggerated lengthening of the word.) Traffic was slow, leading to a 4 and half hour trip, when it usually takes 3 and a half. One extra hour doesn’t sound toooo bad. But, somebody no longer falls asleep in the car. (Oh, except for the last 5 minutes of the drive, leading her to wake up cranky and howling upon our arrival.) She (it’s Phoebe we’re talking about here, by the way, not me) seemed to need constant entertainment the whole way down. I generally sit in the back seat with her. And I sang, I danced (well, the belted, seated kind of dance), played games, recited stories, soothed, talked, sang, talked in silly voices, sang, counted toes. (Did you know that Phoebe has 5 toes on each foot? I counted them several times to make sure.) When I’d stop, we’d get screaming. (Not me, mind you.) Let me tell you, we had some Quality™ time.

But, we arrived, tired, but generally with some sanity left intact. Though my voice is feeling a bit strained today.

And here we are. John and his mother are out hunting for a new microwave, and Phoebe is napping. Later, we’ll go visit John’s dad in the hospital. (It’s a sub-acute care facility. He’s been in and out of many, many hospitals of various types since he rebroke a hip last summer.) It’s good that we’ve been able to get down here pretty often.

There’s a particularly bright star on the horizon. We are (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully) going to get to go to my favorite restaurant in the universe. It’s a little place about 40 minutes away from John’s parents’ house in a town called Pine Bush. The restaurant is called Pure City, which leads me to regularly call it Sin City. (Not to the proprietors, though.) I keep meaning to write about it. However, it may not make it’s way into this week, since this is Cheese Week. And this restaurant is 100% cheese-free. Aside from some tofu cheesecake. Does that count?

3 thoughts on “a small laughing matter

  1. That really was some impressive dolphin communication. Maybe acquisitionists should look into that–that the actual order of acquisition is:

    babbling > dolphin > one word stage > two word stage

  2. Okay, so not the point of this post, but Mme L has that SAME shirt!!! I got it when I was visiting a city I imagine you’re close to (sorry, I’m suddenly unsure as to whether you’ve disclosed your location and too lazy to look it up) last year for a conference. I LOVE it. But have worried that I might be the only person in the world who did and feared for the designer’s career.

    And colour me shocked that you, with all this week’s cheesiness, claim a vegan restaurant as your fave. Shocked!

  3. jeanerz-
    Yes, the dolphin stage. It’s clearly under-documented

    You mean the shirt that says “please don’t ask my daddy if he is babysitting”? Or was it one of the other catchy slogans? There’s one I remember that says “please don’t stare at my lunch”.
    I’ve been moderately vague about my location, but I’m generally nearish Boston. Is that the city you imagine?
    And yes, it is shocking that with all my enthusiasm for cheese, I could be so enamored with such a cheeseless restaurant. Actually, the restaurant is such that I could consider forsaking cheese if I could eat there every day…

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