just go read (please)

The Just Posts are up again, and this time, it’s the first anniversary of the social justice wedding that started it all. Go have a look at the posts that are listed at jen’s, mad’s, susanne’s and hel’s. As usual, you can find posts on a range of topics of social justice and activism to get the blood pumping in your activist heart.

I’d also like to direct you to a post that jen put up just this morning. Jen writes beautifully and powerfully about her work in a homeless shelter, and the range of people she meets in her work. I often find myself trying to figure out more ways that I can make a difference, and reading jen’s writing makes me feel more of a sense of urgency.

8 thoughts on “just go read (please)

  1. fluttercrafts-
    She is.

    Oh, I do love a happy ending. At least in real life.

    They are (all of them) great indeed.

    I’m so glad you keep at it, which keeps me at it. I’m a firm believer in the power of words.

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