all the right ingredients

Yesterday was my CSA pick-up day again. The load was a bit more compact this time, without the mega-loads of lettuce. (I won’t be cursing those ninja woodchucks yet, as I still have plenty of lettuce from last week.) We got beets, scallions, baby fennel, more bok choi (the last of it till fall), a bit more kale, baby garlic, and a little bundle of basil.

I was very excited about the basil, and had the urge to use it right away. And then I realized that, amazingly, I had all the ingredients for a traditional pesto: we had a hunk of parmesan, lots of pine nuts and some decent olive oil. And with the baby garlic fresh out of the ground and that beautiful bunch of basil, we were golden. I am not someone who has a well-stocked pantry in general, so I felt quite pleased with myself for being able to do this. We had the pesto with some rotini. It was pretty tasty.
And speaking of having the right ingredients for some tasty goodness, the Just Posts are up again. This month, jen of One Plus Two is joined by Jess of Oh, The Joys to serve up this monthly buffet of posts on topics of social justice and activism. I’ve got a post on the table over there, too. Head on over and dig in. (Just click the pretty birdy button.)

9 thoughts on “all the right ingredients

  1. Apropos of nothing (ecxept for the current banner), what phrase is that in the waveform? I was originally under the impression that it was “Collecting tokens” for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t seem to fit. The large closure just before half-way looks like a long voiceless stop, which might have corresponded to the ‘ct’ cluster in collecting’, and the tail looks a lot like an ‘s’, but I can’t see ‘colle-‘ filling out all that space before the large closure.

    Just curious.

  2. Jangari-
    You know, I should do a recording of “collecting tokens.” I’ve actually just used a file I happened to have lying around of a phrase I produced with various intonational contours. If you want to see the spectrogram, check this out. (If you want me to just tell you, I can do that…)

  3. Mmm. Pesto. The only pasta topping Mme L will eat. You don’t hear me complaining. BTW: It sounds weird, but it’s really good when you add some mint, too. Or, you know, you could always add lettuce.

  4. NotSoSage-
    We’ll have to try pesto on Phoebe. Or maybe have her taste it. It probably makes more sense to put it on pasta (than on Phoebe). I’ll consider your suggestions for mint.

    Ah, but see how you’ve inspired me? (And…mmmm….cilantro pesto sounds yummy.)

    Okay, I fixed the link, though I’ll probably take down the page or bury it elsewhere at some point.

  5. nothing screams summer like pesto. homemade and sticking to the spoon.

    Phoebe pesto? I like it. She might not. Pants.

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