my head is stuffed full of cotton wool

I’m a little shaky on cranial anatomy, but I’m pretty sure that some of the nooks, crannies and othr empty chambers inside my skull are currently stuffed full of cotton wool. Or cotton balls. Or maybe cotton candy.

I have a wee bit of a cold, making my head (more than usually) foggy. Yesterday was very foggy, due to the impending cold, and also due to 2 nights in a row of insufficient sleep. Because Phoebe got the cold first, and perhaps has been teething on top of that. We had mulitple night wakings. (Plus I never get to bed on time.)

Ideally shouldn’t have been driving yesterday. But I had to go into work, and wasn’t particularly sick (yet). I had planned to take the train in, but my autopilot kicked in, and I started driving towards Boston instead of towards the train station. And since I was running a few minutes behind, didn’t want to risk turning around only to miss the train anyhow. And then when I got off the Pike, the autopilot kicked in once more, and steered me into Boston instead of into Cambridge. Later in the day, when I actually did have to go back across the river into Boston, I was additionally rewarded with a parking ticket. Not for an expired meter. But for expired registration. I renewed my registration online last minute, but I hadn’t gotten the new sticker in the mail yet. And while it’s legal to drive as long as you have a printed copy of the email receipt in the car, the meter checkers apparently do not care about this. (And what’s especially irritating is that had I managed to actually take the train in, I wouldn’t have gotten the ticket. And I might have gotten a bit of a nap, potentially leading to clearer-headedness.)

Whine, whine, whine.

Anyhow, today was much better. Today was a “work from home day.” But I spent much of the day napping, figuring that I will work much better once I manage to remove the cotton balls from my head. (Don’t worry. I’m not planning on trying the surgery myself.) I did try doing some reading, but that is what (inevitably) led to the napping.


In other news, the wedding this weekend went very well. The hitching was quite hitchless, as these things go. Phoebe did a wonderful job as flower girl (did I mention she was going to be flower girl?), my pumpkin-colored shoes were surprisingly comfortable, and my strapless bridesmaid dress didn’t fall down. I got my hair and make-up done by professionals, which was a novel experience for me. And I think I cleaned up pretty well. John got some great pictures, too. (I’ve mentioned before that John is a very talented and skillful photographer. )

He’s posted one of me and Phoebe over at his blog that I like a lot. (Don’t I look girly in that picture, by the way? Especially for someone who has written about often wearing men’s clothes. I was tempted to entitle a post “I like to wear women’s underwear.” I don’t know why that amuses me so much.)

10 thoughts on “my head is stuffed full of cotton wool

  1. oh, you are gorgeous (just like all the words you write, which of course, matters much more than how you look on the outside, but regardless…) and pheobe is a vision

    and your husband is indeed one hell of a photographer!

  2. oh, and i forgot to say (pretty pictures tend to do that to me) that I always feel full of fiberglass… that scratchy, stuffy insulationy feeling… but cotton balls is a good description for it, too.

    hope you feel better soon!

  3. Beautiful picture!

    On my vacation I passed a place called Trepannier Creek…didn’t stop, because I was worried what the locals might be like. But still, if you get no relief otherwise, I hear boring a hole in your skull works wonders!

  4. My autopilot takes me on the pike to Connecticut. Even when I’m trying to go to the airport.

    I recently found out that I had been driving sans registration. While cleaning up the CT apt., I found a stack of mail that told me that I needed an emissions test and registration…by August 30. I had been driving back and forth illegally for a month and a half. I passed many po-lice, but no tickets, thankfully.

    And you are gorgeous, dahling. You cleaned up pretty good both at your wedding and my wedding, so I knew you had it in you.

    btw, did the bride burst into flames?

  5. That is a lovely picture.

    I just renewed my car registration, but it took a few days because I realized that my inspection was out of date so I had to have the car inspected first…argh.

    I drive on autopilot a lot – it is a little frightening to realize that I’m so disconnected.

  6. What a pain about the ticket. I had the same thing happen to me– but I sent in a copy of the registration to the appeals department, and it went away.

    Thanks for your site visit and comment! I’ve not been doing as good a job at visiting my fellow NaBloPoMo’ers and Cranky Bloggers, but now I’ve got you bookmarked. : )

  7. painted-
    Thank you for your many nice compliments! (And insulation seems a good description, too. Isn’t it funny that people come up with similar analogies for this? Because, you see, I’ve never actually had cotton balls stuffed into my skull. But why do I think of them?)

    I haven’t yet considered that option. I wonder if the appropriate drills are over-the-counter, or by prescription only? (And Trepannier Creek, huh? It does sound like a potentially hazardous place to vacation. Unless you have a col, I guess.)

    I feel better knowing that others have lapsed even further in the domain of registration. (Note that when I said I had registered online “last minute,” it may have actually been slightly past the expiration date. But I think only a day. A day late is last minute, right? Barely late at all.) And no, the bride didn’t burst into flames. I think the Justice of the Peace was speaking in tongues at some point, though. Not as colorful for frontpage photos, in any case.

    The autopilot driving does seem to be pretty common. It’s eery what complex tasks we can accomplish without paying attention.

    I was quite pleased with the hair. They had a book with pictures, and so I just had to point. (I was thinking I could just “trust them” with choosing a style for me, but clearly I had forgotten your bird’s nest experience when I thought that. I guess I lucked out.)

    It’s nice to know of someone who had the same experience, and who successfully resolved it. (Sadly, this was the second such ticket I’ve gotten this month. We sent in a letter about the first, but I don’t know how to be sure that it the ticket has gone away.)
    Thanks for dropping by here, and I’ll be seeing around the land of NaBloPoMo. (Perhaps I should join the Cranky group, too. I certainly feel cranky often enough, though I try to resist writing about it.)

  8. azahar-
    Thanks. Yes, I was pleased that we could get away with formal pigtails. For Phoebe at least.
    Sorry to hear about your ode code. (Mine cleared up remarkably quickly. I wish you the same.)

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