Phoebe loves music. She loves to listen to music, and sing and dance. Her tastes are quite varied, ranging from the playful to the serious. For example, she enjoys the electronic beep-bop music that comes out of a plastic ball that flashes lights, as well as classical music played at an outdoor concert. She is also partial to the music of various contemporary musicians, including Tom Waits, Innocence Mission, and Kristin Hersh.

When she was a little baby, only a few months old, her absolute favorite song was “Thief,” by Belly. It was a song that John and I both listened to a lot, and sang along with, from the time Phoebe was in utero. We’d sing it to her as a lullaby, and sing it to her to soothe her at various times when she was fussy. When she was really riled, only “Thief” would do to calm her. I’d sing it, sometimes over and over again, and she’d sit quietly and listen. The moment I’d stop, or try another song, she’d cry.

She later became a bit more flexible in her taste in lullabies. John would usually sing “The Ants Go Marching.” I settled in to singing “Baby’s boat’s a silver moon,” a song my mother used to sing to me, and that her father used to sing to her. Later, we switched to Sandra Boynton’s “Silly Lullaby” (from Philadelphia Chickens). Then one night, not so long ago, Phoebe stopped wanting me to sing to her at night. I’d try various songs, and Phoebe would shake her head and say “no.” Which made me pretty sad.
Lately, Phoebe’s been hooked on The Flaming Lips. We have a DVD of their music videos, and Phoebe loves it. The songs include “Phoebe Battles the Pink Robots,” which is Phoebe’s official theme song. She likes that song, but her favorite song now seems to be “Do You Realize.” In fact, she likes it so much, she has even let me sing it to her as a lullaby.

And now, to borrow a page from Tabba, who shares a song each week, I will share with you Phoebe’s latest favorite song:

“Do You Realize,” by The Flaming Lips

6 thoughts on “lullabies

  1. My favorite Sandra Boynton song is Evermore from the Dog Train album. When mine was tiny I used to hold him and sing that song over and over and cry.

  2. azahar-
    I did miss singing to her.

    It does feel very mommy-ish to sing lullabies. In a good way.

    That is a beautiful song. I should learn the lyrics. (And thanks for linking to me in your post about that song!)

    Phoebe’s taste does rock, doesn’t it? (Except for some of the electronic toys. That music kinda sucks.)

    Isn’t that a great song? (Of course, Phoebe may also be drawn to the big bunnies in the video.)

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