gobble, gobble, gobble

turkey_6.pngToday is Thanksgiving, a holiday here in the US traditionally (or at least moderately traditionally) celebrated by a day of feasting with family and by expressing thanks. It’s also a day when most Americans eat turkey, a large bird that is native to North America.¹ This has lead to many people calling Thanksgiving “Turkey Day.” So what better Themed Things list to bring you for this Turkey Day than a list of turkeys. (However, these are turkeys you won’t likely see at the dinner table.²)

Ten Turkey Things for Turkey Day

  1. Turkey in the Straw: an American folk song, often fiddled. (Listen to it, if you like.)
  2. hand turkey: a picture made by tracing one’s hand to make the approximate shape of a turkey. The thumb represents the head and neck, and the fingers the tail feathers. Usually, the drawing is adorned with a beak, an eye, wings and a wattle.
  3. a turkey: a movie that got bad reviews, or that otherwise was poorly received.
  4. a turkey: a bowling term meaning 3 consecutive strikes.
  5. talk turkey. An expression meaning “to speak frankly.” Has some debatable origins.
  6. jive turkey: one who acts as if they know what they are talking about, but really doesn’t.
  7. Wild Turkey. A brand of bourbon. My grandmother liked bourbon. Not sure if she had a preferred brand.
  8. cold turkey. The act of quitting abrubtly, without tapering off. As in “quit drinking cold turkey.” (Which may also involve quitting drinking Wild Turkey.)
  9. Turkey: a nation. (I wonder how often people not native to the US expect that there will be some sort of Turkish cultural event on Turkey day?)
  10. Twas the Night before Thanksgiving, by Dav Pilkey. A somewhat controversial picturebook about some kids who “liberate” some turkeys from a farm and have them over for dinner (but don’t have them for dinner). (I found the full text online listed as an “anonymously” written animal rights poem, but I think Pilkey was the orginal author.)


¹ Some Americans will instead eat a tofurkey, such as a Tofurky, a tofu-based turkey substitute.

² Well, except maybe the bourbon, in some households.

17 thoughts on “gobble, gobble, gobble

  1. Munchkin has recently started yelling ‘gabagabagabagaba’ to try to imitate her Daddy’s formidable turkey impersonation. It makes me glad to be a vegetarian :-)

  2. Your themed lists are always intriguing and educational (and silly). This one got me wondering what the origin of the term “cold turkey” came from. Do you know?
    Stella, Turkey Slapping? Ew.

  3. I never realized how many different types of turkeys there are, and I also wonder how the people of Turkey feel about the fact that their homeland’s name translates into a fat and slightly dim-witted bird in English?

  4. jen-
    How could I have forgotten?

    You should get a recording. That sounds hilarious.

    I’ve heard of that. It scares me.

    I think I’m better off not knowing the details.

    Sure thing. I like the smell of bourbon.

    You know, I should look up cold turkey. Or make something up…

    Hmm. It still scares me.

    It must seem like an unfortunate coincidence…

    Turducken? What foul beast is that? (Or fowl beast?)

  5. Alejna —

    Maybe you could tell me this: Was Turkey the country named before the bird or…? (In other words: which came first: the chicken or the egg? ;b)

  6. Why turkey? It’s gotta be one of the most tasteless birds going … is it just cos they’re big and will feed a whole whack of people? The only things I’ve ever enjoyed about a turkey dinner is the stuffing and all the accompanying roasted veg (with gravy).

    Oh, and pumpkin pie!

    As you probably know, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. Weird that turkey is the main dish served as well (and also at Christmas). Why???

  7. Turkey the country was named first. Turks the people had the name even earlier, migrating to the area that now bears their name from Central Asia (Turkmenistan) about a thousand years ago.

    The question then arises – Why was the bird called a turkey?

  8. YTSL-
    Hee hee.

    I saw an interesting explanation recently about the “why turkey” question…
    I’m glad to know there is another stuffing fan out there. I had to learn to appreciate pumpkin pie, though. I tend to like fruity pies. I’d usually opt for mincemeat.

    Hello, again! So nice of you to drop in for a bit of turkey. As to why the bird is called a turkey…hmm…it does seem like there should be a story, there.

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