bagel bits and bites

I really should get to bed. But I’ve been remiss in posting updates on stuff that’s going on. I’m not sure exactly who’s interested, but one of my goals of this here blog has been to record some sort of chronicle of my life. So I give you a bit more info on the ever-expanding bagel of my life, and some details about where all my cream cheese is going.

Things have continued to be pretty busy of late. John has been very busy with various things for work. I’ve been busy with things for work. Did I mention that all 3 abstracts that my research group submitted in the past few months have been accepted to conferences? This is thrilling, but also somewhat daunting. And while I have been heavily involved in the research for each of those three projects, none of them actually touch directly on the research that I need to be doing to work towards my degree. Which means that I’m also needing to keep busy with a fourth major project. And there are other less pressing ongoing projects going on, too. It all keeps me quite busy with the juggling. (And I’m quite clumsy with juggling. I blame gravity.)

And then there is always the ongoing project Phoebe. She is a lot of fun most of the time, but we have also been going through some rather trying times. She is a toddler, you see. And she is testing her limits. Just about every transition in activities, she raises an objection. She doesn’t want to get out of her crib, get into her crib, have her diaper changed, get dressed, get her coat on, go to daycare, leave daycare, get into the bath, get out of the bath. And unfortunately, she has expressed her frustration with such events by means of her teeth on more than one occasion. By that I mean that she has bitten. Sometimes she will bite a toy, but a couple of other times, she has bitten (or started to bite) me. And that really bites. Do you have any idea how sharp those little teeth are? It’s only been a few times, mostly limited to one day. (There was a previous time when she bit my arm while I was out shopping with a friend. Even through my layered winter sleeves, the bite broke the skin and left a bruise.)

On the positive side, Phoebe has been talking up a storm lately, and it is wonderful to finally learn what is going on in that little mind. I’ve been meaning to write a bit about what happened during and since our assessment for early intervention, but I haven’t been finding a lot of time and energy to write. The short version is that she qualified for services based on a 5-month delay in her expressive ablilities. (Her receptive language, on the other hand, was measured at being at least 6 months ahead of her age.) We started having meetings with a speech therapist in January, and also attending a “play group.” But by the time we had our first one-on-one meeting, Phoebe had already started to leap forward in her expressive language. And since then, it’s been pretty amazing to watch. She’s been talking a lot, and producing quite complex multi-word utterances. We’ve had so few meetings that it’s hard to attribute much of the progress to early intervention, but who knows. Perhaps it was just the push she needed. I hope to write more about Phoebe’s language development soon, because it’s so damn cool.

11 thoughts on “bagel bits and bites

  1. Busy and biting aside, that’s some cool goings-on.

    3 abstracts at conferences! Language!

    For both children, we have had to do the Full-On Frontal Tactical Assault on Inappropriate Reactions. One week intensive.

    It seems like forever and to no avail but I’m happy to report a 3 and 6 year old who do not bite, slap (little one), hit or kick (big one)…except each other.

    And I say as long as it’s confined to the family…(KIDDING!)

  2. Good job.

    My mother thought I was retarded, because I didn’t speak for a long time. When I started, I spoke in paragraphs. Phoebe’s just been waiting for the right moment.

  3. I’m hoping that you start having “more time and energy to write” or do whatever else you want soon. I was also thinking of making a comment about how lox can sometimes be tasty with a cream cheese bagel but, you know, I’m just rambling.

  4. my baby sister was just like magpie: no talking for a good long while, and then POOF, complete thoughts a sentence or a hundred at a time. Phoebes is gonna catch up just super.

  5. rima-
    If only they were primarily my own work…but CV padding is CV padding.

    It is really amazing, and so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing those stories. The biting hasn’t been back in the last few days, but we have a long road ahead of us…

    Your mother must have been blown away. I’ve been pretty impressed by how much Phoebe can say now. (Though I’ve been convinced all along that she’s brilliant…but perhaps I’m partial.)

    Perhaps I should keep more duct tape on hand…

    Oh, thanks! Do we get cookies?

    I always appreciate rambling. And maybe I should get some lox.

    It is so fun. I wish I could capture all of it.

    Well, one is Cornell, which I expect will still be cold in April. The other is in Brazil. And I’m pretty excited about that one. (Two of the abstracts were for the Cornell one.)

    John was like that, too. It’s so funny that it seems to be an inherited trait.

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