a post in a thousand

Here is a list of a thousand things:

I know, I know. This list is not 1000 things long. But they are thousand things. Because this is my one thousandth post on this blog. (Also, the word “thousandth” is really hard to say.)

image credits: millefiori bead from Fire Mountain Gems, mille-feuille by okki, paper cranes by James..g, the M in stone photo is my own, taken in Barcelona. The thousand dollar bill is not mine, nor did I take it.

12 thoughts on “a post in a thousand

  1. Well done! As Sarah said, looking forward to the next thousand.
    Do you know about ‘hundreds and thousands’ – tiny coloured sugar candies sprinkled on bread.

  2. Hurray for 1,000 posts! Definitely looking forward to the next thousand. I hope you treated yourself to a $100,000 bar! (Which, apparently, hasn’t been called that in almost 30 years — it’s now 100 Grand — a thing that clearly shows both my age and how long it’s been since I’ve had one of those!)

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