juggling acts

It’s been one of those weeks. Nothing major has happened, just a lot of little things that make me realize I can’t quite keep all of my balls up in the air.

I’ve had a lot of demands from work this week that I wasn’t expecting. There’s another deadline at the end of the month, and seeing as I don’t expect to be terribly available then, I feel particularly compelled to contribute as much as I can now. It turned out that a lot of the new data we were adding to the pool for this particular study needed a lot of cleaning up (as well as some of the old data), and I was the one in the best position to clean it up. So I’ve been putting in a lot of hours, including late night hours, this week. I’ve been quite productive, and yet since it was work I hadn’t anticipated, I don’t get the satisfaction of feeling that I’ve made progress. (Especially since this has left me virtually no time to work on my own research projects, and every time I have a pause in the progress there, it takes me a while to get my momentum back.)

Then Phoebe came down with a stomach bug that had been looming at daycare. I had toyed with the idea of keeping Phoebe home, but for one thing, I needed the work time. And for another, it was probable that Phoebe had already been exposed to the bug by the time we learned of the menace. So keeping her home wouldn’t have likely made much difference.

Phoebe is largely okay, though there have been some rough stretches. (This was actually the first time she’d ever vomited, aside from one flukey time when she was a very young baby. She was pretty freaked out by it. And can I just say that I’m lucky I didn’t lose my laptop to the inaugural event, which happened on the couch?) She was pretty chipper by this evening, so hopefully we can put this behind us. (And can I also say that I really, really don’t want to catch a stomach bug right now?)

I am so, so not ready for the new kid to arrive. The guest room still needs to be readied for my mother’s arrival (or for the contingency plan), the infant carseat installed, and there’s some form I’m supposed to send to the hospital that I haven’t even looked at. I haven’t even visited the hospital to find out where to go, where to park, etc., when the time comes. I’m told I’m supposed to have packed a bag by now, but that feels too much like admitting that I may need to use such a bag soon.

When people ask about “decorating the nursery,” I can only laugh. As far as nesting goes, I’ll be lucky if I can find the time and energy to clear out whatever lifeforms are currently nesting in my fridge.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have a few balls to chase around.

12 thoughts on “juggling acts

  1. oh, A. little ones puking is one of the most terrible things of all. it breaks one’s heart. at least i’ll rest in the knowledge that P couldn’t have caught THAT bug from us. xo

  2. Carseat is easy. Your mother can take care of the guest room herself. Do you have a handful of diapers and some clothes? You need nothing else.

  3. Yeah…the fear of puking is greater than the actually doing it.

    My kids are professionals now. They have the ability to pass stomach bugs back and forth to each other like two people pass….BALLS back and forth!

  4. flutter-
    I’ll do it with something. I think I may have run out of finesse.

    I had seen it, but forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding!

    Is downhill a good thing or a bad thing in this case?

    I’m not really sure. Phoebe seems to have an ironclad stomach.

    Yes, we don’t hold you responsible.

    Ah, you make it sound trivial. I appreciate that. And it may end up boiling down to that. I have this fear, though, that labor will come early and I’ll be clearing the guest room between contractions preparing for our back-up person to come over.

    Many thanks. So far so good!

    Oh, dear. Can one go pro with puking? Does this mean they get paid, too?

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