more than one way to shovel a driveway

It was snowing heavily when I woke up this morning. I’m not sure how many inches accumulated before things turned to rain. Then the sun came out. The result was that by late afternoon, everything was covered with about an inch of very wet, very dense slush-snow. Since John has been sick for the last couple of days with a fever, it was up to me to get the driveway cleared before the inevitable night-time freeze.

If you have ever shoveled slush, you will know that it is very heavy, and slides off the shovel pretty easily. Which made it pretty hard to throw as you might do when shovelling fluffy snow. So I spent a lot of time scraping up a shovel-load of snow, and walking it to the side of the drive to dump it. It was very slow going. After clearing the area in front of our garage, I was mightily bored. So as I worked towards clearing the way up to the street, I got a bit more creative.


Ok, I had a bit of reason for doing this. Namely, I wanted to get up to the mailbox without traipsing through the snow, which can lead to harder shovelling. The side paths were to walk over my shovelfuls. Of course, once I’d started a pattern, I felt like going a bit further with that.


And since I’d bothered to go inside to get my camera, why not go all out?


As I was working on that last bit, a couple of people out for a walk strolled by and said “hello.” I can only wonder what they thought of me.

(Just so you know, I did actually finish clearing the driveway.)

22 thoughts on “more than one way to shovel a driveway

  1. that is awesome. at least you had some fun. that is a LONG driveway to have to shovel. We had one in MI that was house on one side, steep hill on the other, so you had to carry the snow past the house and throw it onto the front lawn. guess my parents didn’t think about that when they bought it. or they knew they had free child laborers. ;)

  2. that is **fantastic**. and your checkerboard is right on grid, like you were super-detail-oriented and busted out chalklines to get it done. every nerd you know is exquisitely impressed.

    but good lord i’m glad it’s close to then end of the snow season!

  3. That looks pretty fun– also, great exercise.

    And c’mon– whatever they thought of you that could have been bad was surely eclipsed by the sheer jealousy of not being the ones who did a checkerboard on their driveway.

  4. morethan-
    There are certainly more amusing forms of snow entertainment than shovelling. I should go sledding.

    That does sound like a lot of work. And the sort of thing that would make you glad to have free labor at hand.

    You should see my dusting!


    thanks, too! (Still want me for a neighbor?)

    Mary Beth-
    Words to live by, if I ever heard them. (And thanks for coming by!)

    Aw, shucks.

    No, no spiked tea. But I did manage a nap before shovelling. And the driveway’s probably only around 30 meters. I live in a place known as The Boonies.

    Maybe we’ll get the giant checkers pieces out next snow storm. (And yeah, while not actually the Black Forest, we do live in a pretty wooded area. I like trees.)

    If only others had been around to watch. I mean, other than the couple out for a stroll. And they didn’t exactly wrestle the shovel out of my hands.

    No, no chalklines. I’m apparently just that good with a snow shovel. Who knew? I’ll put it on my CV.

    Madame M-
    I did have fun for the checkerboard bit. (Or at least I was distracted from the drudgery by laughing at myself.) And I suppose I did get some exercise. As for the passing folks…huh…I hadn’t considered that jealousy might be their main reaction. I’m sure that was it.

  5. jen-
    Then my plan worked!

    Our driveway is pretty typical for our town. Or even on the short side. Phoebe’s daycare (a home daycare) has a driveway several times the length of ours. Plowing is big business out here in the boonies.

  6. merrymishaps-
    I guess I do have a lot of patience. As long as it’s not about dealing with people…

    Aw, shawks. Glad I could make you laugh.

  7. man I hate snow, got hit with about 10 inches over the weekend. I am glad I got a brand new snow blowers to knock that snow around though. I don’t think my back would take it, and doubt my wife would help…

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