head in the clouds

For no particular reason, this Themed Things Thursday list is about clouds.¹

A Cloud List

  1. Little Cloud. A picture book by Eric Carle about a cloud who likes to change shapes.
  2. Sector 7, by David Wiesner. A Caldecott Honor-winning picture book with no words about a boy’s remarkable encounter with some clouds.
  3. Winnie-the-Pooh. In the first chapter of A. A. Milne’s classic book, Winnie-the-Pooh attempts to pass himself off as a small dark cloud in order to sneak some honey away from a beehive in a tree. Eeyore, for that matter, is often depicted as having a cloud hanging over his head. (In this case, though, it is not Pooh.)
  4. head in the clouds. An expression meaning “having a poor grasp of reality” or “not paying attention.”
  5. on cloud nine: an expression meaning “extremely happy.” (So what if you are on cloud one? Are you only marginally happy?)
  6. every cloud has a silver lining: a saying suggesting that there is always something good to accompany the bad. (And an irritating thing to hear if you are a pessimist.)
  7. head under a cloud: means “in a bad mood,” typically either gloomy (eg. Eeyore, above) or cranky (eg. me, sleep deprived).
  8. (storm) clouds on the horizon: an expression meaning that trouble of some sort is foreseen.
  9. The Simpsons opening sequence: The parting cumulus clouds from the opening to this cartoon are quite memorable.
  10. “Little Fluffy Clouds,” a song by the Orb. (video on YouTube)
  11. “Cloudy,” a song by Simon & Garfunkel. (listen on YouTube )
  12. “Cloudbusting,” a song Kate Bush. The video is a short narrative film featuring a machine that manipulates clouds. (YouTube)
  13. Cloud Jumper: a free flash game you can play online that primarily involves jumping from cloud to cloud.
  14. Cloudscapes stamps: a 2004 series of stamps from the US postal service. You can learn more more about the cloud types depicted in the stamps from this National Weather Service page.

  15. If you find yourself hankering for more clouds and cloud trivia, you could consider joining the The Cloud Appreciation Society. Those people love their clouds.

¹Sometimes, I just need to write about a light and fluffy topic. What could be lighter and fluffier than clouds?²

² Actually, I’m really quite partial to clouds. I recently had a little conversation with YTSL on this topic when she posted about her own affinity for clouds, along with a cool photo of a dragon-shaped cloud. And I found myself thinking: “I should do a cloud list.” So I done went and did it.

16 thoughts on “head in the clouds

  1. I love that story with Winnie the Pooh. Little black rain cloud. It brings back such happy memories from childhood of, you know, reading that story. Actually that’s pretty much it, but I was a kid so that makes it automatically better than now.

  2. one of my favorite children’s books is the king who rained, a book about homophones, colloquialisms, and other tricks of language. the cover illustration shows a child in a yellow raincoat and umbrella, looking up at a floating king who is, indeed, raining.

  3. Oh my dear, you are missing Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now:

    “Rows and floes of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons everywhere
    Ive looked at clouds that way

    But now they only block the sun
    They rain and snow on everyone
    So many things I would have done
    But clouds got in my way
    Ive looked at clouds from both sides now
    From up and down, and still somehow
    It’s cloud illusions I recall
    I really don’t know clouds at all.”

    BTW. Sector 7 is one of our favourite picture books.

  4. painted-
    I am somehow comforted knowing of the existence of that group.

    Aw, I’m so glad.

    I’m glad I could bring back happy childhood memories. (Too often I may inadvertently trigger traumatic flashbacks…)

    How can there be too much wondering? I’d love to hear about your reflections on those neglected 8 clouds.

    I remember that from working in the book store. Remarkably, it’s by Fred Gwynne. Better known to many as Herman Munster.

    Thank you for catching my omission. Those are great lyrics. (Should I be ashamed that I don’t know the song?)
    I should re-“read” Sector 7, as it’s been a while. (I wonder if Phoebe is old enough for it yet?) I’m quite fond of Wiesner’s books.

  5. haha, haven’t thought of the “little fluffy clouds” song in fo-evs, which is a shame, since it cracks me up so much. i love it, the vocalist sounds like such a total space-cadet…except that she really really means it, which is wonderful.

  6. city girl-
    Oh, dear. Poor Eeyore. Poor you. There, there.

    Yeah, I know waht you mean. She really does sound sincere, if ditsy.

  7. City Girl:

    I often read Winnie-ther-Pooh with Phoebe. She’s not old enough to read all of the stories yet, though. Some of the longer ones without enough pictures lose her attention pretty quickly. Most days we just leaf through the book, look at the pictures, and read a few of her favorite snippets. “Tut, tut, it looks like rain.” “Tra-la, tra-la, oh help, tra-la.”

    Eeyore’s birthday, though, held her rapt. She was absolutely appalled at the idea that one could have a birthday without cake *or* presents. And she was so relieved to find out that he was happy, even though his balloon was broken.

  8. Here’s a cloud story: When I was a teenager I used to love overcast autumn days when the sky looked solid white. I could never figure out if the white color was caused by thick clouds or if the sky was just white for some reason. Years later when I flew on a plane and got to look down at an overcast sky I finally knew for sure.

  9. YTSL-
    Yes, I did take the cloud photo. And you’re right, I do love taking pictures from airplanes. At some point, I want to post some more.

    I love to look down at thick cloudcover from above. That’s a neat story. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Only one of the best songs ever.

    Here’s the original:

    and here’s the reprise:

    Please tell me that you know other Joni Mitchell songs, like River and A Case of You and The Last time I Saw Richard.

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