I’ve signed on to NaBloPoMo once mo’, which means I’ll be posting daily for the next 30 days. Because I’m deranged.

And like last year, when I founded The Ministry of Silly Blogs, I am sorely tempted to start another group. Or several.

Really, what I should be doing more of is working on my degree requirements. Not more blogging. What I could do is make myself blog about my progress. Perhaps the specter of public shaming will motivate me.

Who else is diving in this time? I know ashley, wreke, and City Girl have signed on. And heather is contemplating it. Anyone else?

16 thoughts on “NaBloPoMoMe

  1. Uh-oh! Not sure I can manage NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo at the same time! Especially seeing as I’ve fallen down on the regular posting thing I had going for a while. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

  2. I did last year…this year? I think it might be psychotic. KayTar is having surgery next week and I’m in two classes that are fairly time consuming…but I still want to find the time somewhere!

  3. absolutely not, I would rather eat my own eye. I did it last year and my posts were CRAP. CRAAAAAAP. I will totally read and love all of yours, though.

  4. While it’s just what I need to give my blogging a shot in the arm, I know I can’t do it justice this year. I feel sad about it, because I made so many friends last year, but I don’t need the pressure I would put on myself. I will look forward to reading your daily posts instead!

  5. I always said I’d never go there, but it is a little tempting – like a big old group blog hug or something.

  6. i am having surgery later this month and wil be challenged to finish up the month. but yet, here i am, being insane. go figure. glad you are, too — i’ll at least have plenty to read while i’m convalescing :-)

  7. What Flutter said! You go, girl and I will be happily reading. I wonder if there should be a group for us readers — something with a logo involving bags under the eyes or such.
    You people who can do this really rock.

  8. I am just laughing and laughing at this… I signed up last week and had a little conversation that went like this… Brain:”Holly, you shouldn’t be blogging. You should be dedicating every moment to your dissertation.” Me: “What if I make myself write about my progress each day and see if it makes a difference at the end of the month?”

    So whaddya think… open for group support on dissertation progress through NaBloPoMo?

  9. Ah. Really don’t think I can do this. Because I’m having a hard enough time writing every couple of days. And keeping up with reading blogs at a regular pace keeps me busy enough…


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