NaNaGaMo begins

In addition to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), I’ve decided to participate in NaNaGaMo, National Navel-Gazing Month. Every day for the month of November, I will contemplate my navel, or perhaps someone else’s navel. In a pinch, I may stare at a navel orange.

On this theme, I’d like to highlight a word with you that I met in the past year or so, and which I’ve become quite fond of:
omphaloskepsis (noun)

literally, the contemplation of one’s navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption (from

I think it’s quite a good word. I try to use it whenever possible.

Phoebe at about 16 months promises to master the art of ompaholskepsis.Such a lovely belly button.
Phoebe, at 16 months, shows signs that she will be a master of the art of omphaloskepsis.

Actually, I was considering having each of my posts for the month of November feature a word that I like. (I mean, a different word that I like. Otherwise we could end up with a month of posts about pants.) (Well, that might happen anyhow.) We’ll see. I promise to, at the very least, use words in every post.

14 thoughts on “NaNaGaMo begins

  1. Ok, those Phoebe pics are too cute. The first time I went to Hungary, I met a guy who didn’t believe bellybutton was a real word. He kept saying it, really slowly (“Bel-l-l-y-bu-u-utt-o-n-n-n”) and then chuckling, as if I’d made some adorable child’s joke. Feh.

    I, for one, vote for a month of pants posts!

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