Do you know the nipple song?

I made a discovery a few weeks ago that I’ve been meaning to share. And what with Sunday’s nipple-related post, I thougt now would be as good a time as any. This is a music video from India, which has been captioned/subtitled for English-speakers:

Apparently a new tradition has blossomed across the internets to add English subtitles to videos that are not translations of the lyrics, but what the non-English lyrics sound like to an English speaker. I somehow had missed this, even though it has clearly gone viral, judging from the over 9 million YouTube views on a video called “Crazy Indian Video” since it was posted just over a year ago:

I stumbled across this phenomenon when following a link from Ashley Awesome to an Indian video, which I found strangely compelling. Then I found that same video, “buffalaxed.” (Go see Tunak Tunak Tun for yourself!)

I admit it. These crack me up. Does this prove to the world that I am actually a 12-year-old masquerading as an adult?

11 thoughts on “Do you know the nipple song?

  1. First of all, I have to say that I love Bollywood (especially in four minute clips.)

    Then I have to say that “I need nipples.”

    Hilarious, thanks!

  2. Mark-
    Glad you enjoyed it. And really, don’t we all need nipples?

    I hadn’t noticed your blog category! Cool! I’m glad to know that there are other 12-year-olds out there blogging along with me.

    Laurie Kendrick-
    I hadn’t realized it was Houston. It must be a good city for nipples. (And thanks for coming by!)

    You must be 12, too!

    You know, I haven’t even found anyone who’s seen these. But clearly lots of people have.

  3. This is pretty old news, to me since I pretty much have it memorized now. I love this song. I find it funny, but I also just love the song and wonder what the original name of it is.. Does Sushmita Sen have an album?

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