lie to me

It’s about 1:00 a.m. now. Technically Christmas Day, though still really the night before. I had hoped to find time to post a bit earlier today, but who am I kidding. I didn’t find a chance to take a shower till after 10:00. At night.

I’ve just finished my wrapping and stocking stuffing, and should be heading to bed. But I’ve been wanting to at least jot down a few words about this lying business.

Because, you see, I have now lied to my daughter.

I suppose I have hidden various things from her, such as gobbling up a cookie when she wasn’t paying attention. But this is the first time that I have outright lied to her, and planned out actions solely designed to deceive her. I think you’re probably familiar with the lie. I’m talking about Santa.

I don’t remember when exactly I stopped believing in Santa. I’m quite sure that I did believe in him, but I don’t remember any sort of trauma or dramatic revelation that it was all a sham.

Actually, I remember thinking of it as more of a charade. I knew there was no Santa and I knew that the adults in my family knew there was no Santa. But it was important to me to behave as if there really was a Santa. And more importantly, I wanted the adults to continue the charade. I remember getting really annoyed when they would slip up and say things that would have tipped me off to the nonexistence of Santa had I not already known about it.

There were a couple of years in particular, when I was 9 and 10, when I got angry that I could actually hear the stocking stuffing going on. “Hello? I’m not even asleep yet! I can hear you!” Not that I would have said anything. Because confrontation would have grossly violated the rules of the game, as I saw it.

Okay, I have to go to bed. A little girl is probably going to come dragging me out of bed at some obscenely early time. But I have to say, I’m a little bit looking forward to carrying on the charade with a new generation.

Update: John sent me this related comic this morning, which gives me some additional ideas for deception. (And he hadn’t even read my post!)


If you want another story about Santa-related lies, go see Neil’s post at Citizen of the Month: “I believed in Santa Claus.” Anyone else have a story to share?

(By the way, I don’t expect to have any time to put up a Themed Things list. After our Christmas morning rituals, we’ll be heading down to the in-laws. But you never know.)

4 thoughts on “lie to me

  1. we don’t do Santa, because of the whole lying thing, and wanting more focus on Jesus (although who are we kidding, it’s still all about the presents for MQ. But we’re trying…)

    MQ said to our 9 year old neighbor that there was no Santa, to which 9 yr old neighbor responded “Well, I still believe in him,” but as I said to my hubby later I think she was doing exactly what you were describing here… keeping the game going, wanting the game to keep going, even though she knew…

  2. i was exactly like you – i really don’t remember believing in santa, but i loooved the illusion of it. so much that even in college, the first year my parents did not have stockings stuffed when i woke up in the morning, i was incredibly disappointed…

    hope the giddiness of the little one made up for the early hour!

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