No, not really.

Okay, so I’m not on Twitter. I was kidding with that last post. Ha! The joke was on you.

But more people took me seriously than I expected, so I guess the joke is on me.

The fact that several people took me seriously could mean that:

    a) My faux tweets were convincing.¹
    b) People did not actually read them.
    c) People who Twitter are used to filtering out the sort of decontextualized response that I put up in “reply” to my imaginary friends.

The even bigger joke is that having made this joke, I’ve come terribly close to actually signing up for an account.²

The truth is, though, I really can’t afford another online timesuck. I’ve been so tempted, with various friends seeming to all be playing together off in Twitterland. So I stop by people’s Twitter pages.

Then I feel like I’ve stepped into a cocktail party full of people continuing a variety of conversations that I can’t quite follow. And I can’t even get a drink or find the cheese platter. My head spins around a bit, and then I leave.

Anyhow, my Tweetybird friends, I’m afraid I can’t come out to play with you now. But if I do, I promise that I will take every opportunity to write about ceiling tiles.

¹ But come on! I talked about cupcakes with exploding olives! I crack myself up!
² But I haven’t.³
³ Or have I?

6 thoughts on “No, not really.

  1. I’m trying to spend less time online, so I’ll never understand it, at least in the context that I would use it now, as an extension of blogging. It would hold more appeal if I were getting paid to sit at a desk.

  2. Does anyone actually take Twitter seriously? Thus far, know no one who really has taken a major liking to Twitter… unlike with Facebook which I’m still resisting despite having several friends try to get me on to it.

  3. I feel just like that about Twitter. No time to Twit but I wistfully read other people’s feeds and wish I were there.
    And, yes, you got me and yes, it was funny as hell.

  4. Hey- my ghost started a twitter account but she’s never tweeted. And, I’m pretty sure never will. I’m with you on the time suck: it’s either career promotion or Twitter. Maybe I’m a fool but I’m picking the former. Hopefully. One day. If I don’t start twittering.

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